Spot Improvement Projects

Page updated on Oct 13, 2021 at 3:46 PM

What are Spot Improvement Projects?

Spot improvement projects are small capital projects managed by Transportation & Environmental Services Stormwater Management Division (T&ES SWM) to help address localized flooding and drainage issues. Spot improvement projects support the increased functionality of the City’s storm sewer system which is comprised of hundreds of miles of underground pipes, culverts, inlets, grates, manholes, and “flap gates” or “check valves”. 

Typically the City can complete three to five spot improvement projects annually based on existing Capital Improvement Program (CIP) funding, community and stakeholder engagement, and staff resources. However, due to the increased frequency of severe storms, City Council voted to increase the Stormwater Utility Fee, to provide additional capital and operating resources to accelerate spot improvement projects to deliver approximately eight to 11 projects annually. The community is encouraged to use Alex311 to submit flooding concerns and inquiries related to spot improvement projects. A near-term bar chart of the spot improvement project list is available here; information on this webpage is more current than the information in the bar chart and will be continuously updated. Click here to be redirected to the Flooding & Drainage website. 

Spot improvement projects follow a prescribed order of project management: (1) Investigation, (2) Planning, (3) Design, and (4) Construction/Implementation. Design does include conceptual design and/or preliminary design considerations. These projects differ from large CIP capacity projects in that they typically do not require the additional steps of formal procurement for design and construction as a majority of the work is done in-house and using on-call contractors, so these Spot improvement projects can be delivered faster. The City's Public Works Services division handles small maintenance and repair projects on public property. 

Spot Improvement Projects Completed (2019 – Current)

(1) W. Alexandria Alley: Improve alley drainage (2) Founders Park: Repair infrastructure to improve drainage for park and adjacent property, including a parking garage (3) 901 N. Ashton Street: Emergency repair of pipe, mitigate erosion, and restoration of property and fences washed away or damaged from the landslide (4) Saylor Place: Replaced rusted ditch pipe with polyethylene plastic channel (5) Angel Park: Replaced broken pipe in park flooding the park grounds (6) Hancock Ave at Alexandria Alley: Install storm pipe at culvert (7) 708 W. Braddock: New storm inlet (8) 1414 & 1416 Ruffner Drive: Phase I, Rehab Yard Inlet with grated lid (9) Pitt and Gibbon Alley: PWS raised sidewalk/added a curb to help prevent water from entering alley

FY2022 Spot Improvement Project Updates

Current as of October 2021

Projects Currently under Construction

  • E. Alexandria: Install check valve 

Projects Currently in Design 

  • Mt. Vernon Ave. (near Blue Park) Cul-de-sac: Replace inlets, extend storm sewer with new inlet
  • Mt. Vernon (near Blue Park) Alley: Improve alley drainage, extend storm sewer
  • Oakland Terrace Timber Branch Wall: Stabilize degrading and eroding banks

Projects in Preliminary Design 

Projects Under Investigation

  • Hume Ave Bypass
  • Hume Ave check valve
  • E. Monroe and Wayne
  • E. Alexandria and Dewitt
  • N. Overlook Drainage 
  • N. Columbus St Alley 
  • Carlisle Drive Alley
  • Walleston Ct bank Stabilization 

In following up on Neighborhood Engagement and discussions, staff and their consulting team are performing further investigations to identify potential spot projects.