Alexandria Gang prevention Community Task Force Newsletter
  • Alexandria Mentoring Partnership Event
    In 2006, concerned residents and agency staff members came together with the goal of enhancing and increasing mentoring within our City. Led by former Community Services Board Chair, Mary Riley, this group formed the Alexandria Mentoring Partnership (AMP). Within two months, the Partnership had a plan, a website and a recruitment event.

    Since that time, the AMP has grown to include 11 professionally managed mentoring programs, a part-time Coordinator, and some 500 new mentors. All of AMP's mentoring programs follow best-practice standards.

    However, like most communities in the country, AMP struggles to maintain its number of volunteers. Programs report constant shortages, and our City’s young people are often left on a waiting list.

    January is National Mentoring Month. Please thank the mentors in your life by joining us at our mentoring information session. Please see the flyer for details. View the short video or visit

    Wednesday, February 6, 2013
    Registration/Sign in: 6 – 6:30 p.m.
    Program: 6:30 – 8 p.m.  
    Lee Center
    1108 Jefferson Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    RSVP to

  • Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force Quarterly Meeting
    The Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force held its regular quarterly meeting on Wednesday, January 16. The meeting included a special training on human trafficking by Detective Bill Woolf of the Fairfax County Police Department/Regional Human Trafficking Task Force and Ed Ryan, Gang Response Intervention Team Coordinator, Fairfax County. The meeting also featured updates from City law enforcement officials and other members of the Senior Policy Work Group on Gangs (, an update on Job Readiness from organization development consultant Greg Hudgins (, and an update on the free, direct-service prevention and intervention services being offered by the City through Northern Virginia Family Service (referral form and general information below).

    The next meeting is scheduled on Wednesday, March 20, 6 to 8 p.m. in the Council Workroom, City Hall, 301 King Street. The public is invited. Please contact Gang Prevention Coordinator, Mike Mackey at 703.746.4144 or email: for more information.

  • City of Alexandria’s Gang Prevention Initiatives Highlighted at Virginia Municipal League Conference
    The City of Alexandria was invited to the Virginia Municipal League of Cities Conference in Williamsburg, Virginia on September 25, 2012. Gang Prevention Coordinator Mike Mackey provided training to municipal leaders from across the Commonwealth regarding Alexandria’s efforts to prevent gang activity.

  • Department of Criminal Justice Services Conference
    The City of Alexandria was honored to be among those chosen to address school superintendents from across the Commonwealth at the Department of Criminal Justice Services Conference in Charlottesville on December 4, 2012.  The conference, "Public Schools and Public Safety Partnerships: A Conversation to Address the Impact of Community Violence on Schools," included the City of Alexandria’s efforts to mitigate the risks of gang involvement by utilizing a national model and collaborating among agencies and schools.  Mike Mackey and Dr. Margee Walsh, ACPS, provided training information and a presentation. 

  • The Big Lie
    Watch a 26-minute video "The Big Lie", produced by the Virginia Attorney General’s Office. As a follow up to the success of Virginia's first anti-gang video, 'The Wrong Family," the Office of the Attorney General identified a need to create a video for kids. After careful collaboration with law enforcement and psychologists, 'The Big Lie' was produced to expose the dark reality of gangs preying upon our children through lies and manipulation. The video is a frank and unscripted documentary and presents an extraordinary opportunity for pre- and early teens to learn about the false promises gang members make to lure them into their ranks. The video features gang members, law enforcement, and children who speak directly to the audience about gang recruiting methods, specific ways kids can avoid joining a gang, and most importantly, lifestyle choices to help them stay away from gangs. Educating our youth about the ugly truth behind gangs and ways to stay away from gang life, gives them the tools necessary to make positive choices.

  • It's Never Too Early or Too Late to Talk to Your Kids: Preventing Risky Behaviors
    The Gang Prevention Community Task Force continues its partnership with Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition of Alexandria and the Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy by providing risk behavior workshops. These workshops are for parents and caregivers with children of all ages. Participants will learn more about teen pregnancy; substance use and gang involvement; why kids get involved in risky behaviors; what can be done to prevent these behaviors; and how to talk with your child about these issues. If you wish to request a presentation, please contact one of the following organizations.

  • Members:
    Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg (Co-Chair)
    Councilman John Taylor Chapman (Co-Chair)
    Ms. Ronnie Campbell (ACPS School Board)
    Ms. Michele Evans (City Manager’s Office)
    Mr. Michael Cohen (Associate Principal, T.C. Williams High School, Minnie Howard Campus)
    Ms. Patricia Williamson (Middle School Representative – Francis C. Hammond I – Associate Principal)
    Ms. Susan Stickles (Elementary School Representative – Technology Integration Specialist)
    Ms. Bonnie Baxley (Director – Community Lodgings, Inc.)
    Mr. James Williams (NAACP)
    Mr. Merlin Alvarado (Youth representative)
    Mr. Steven Jansen (Vice President/COO – Association of Prosecuting Attorneys – Member, At-Large)
    Ms. Claritza “Cathy” Santiago - Parent Representative
    Ms. Erin O’Leary - Representative of Private Schools – Bishop Ireton H.S. Director of Counseling Services
    Mr. Michael Johnson – Attorney/Business Representative

    Mike Mackey (staff) - call 703.746.4144 or email

    * The Alexandria Gang Prevention Community Task Force is seeking to fill three vacancies: one for a citizen member; one for a member from and representing the faith-based community; and one vacancy for a young person to represent the youth of the City. The Task Force meets quarterly on weekday evening. Approximately two hours per month are required of Task Force members. For more information, visit