Civic Engagement - Resources & Other Opportunities to Get Involved

Looking for more ways to get involved in your community? Consider the groups listed on this page.

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Opportunities to Get Involved in Alexandria

  • Act for Alexandria
    ACT convenes Alexandria residents around issues of importance, works with nonprofits and city agencies to collaborate in areas of mutual interest and connects donors with causes about which they are passionate. ACT provides community-minded and philanthropically inclined residents with ways to better focus their contributions in the community and thus have a broader impact on those in need and the larger community.
  • Alexandria Campaign on Adolescent Pregnancy (ACAP): Keep it 360 Campaign 
    ACAP works collaboratively for and with youth to achieve lifetime success through active involvement and personal commitment.  The Keep It 360 campaign: Imagine a circle of teens, parents and the community. Then imagine a forum for fostering real, open and honest conversations about sex and teen pregnancy. Keep It 360 is the new norm and it starts with teens, parents, and our community talking openly and honestly about sex and teen pregnancy prevention.
  • Alexandria City Academies 
    The City's multiple academies are designed to develop civic leadership and build a stronger city through well-informed and engaged residents and business owners. 
  • Alexandria Mentoring Partnership 
    The Alexandria Mentoring Partnership is a group of coordinated mentoring organizations that work together and share resources for mutual benefit and support in order to increase and enhance the quality of mentoring in Alexandria.
  • Alive! 
    ALIVE! (ALexandrians InVolved Ecumenically) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization of volunteers from over 40 religious congregations and the community working together to help those in need in Alexandria, Virginia. Founded in 1969, ALIVE! is the largest private safety net for the needy in the city of Alexandria, addressing short-term to long-term needs for those less fortunate in the community.
  • Children, Youth and Families Collaborative Commission
    The CYFCC advocates for children and youth, aged prenatal to 21 years, and their families by advising on policies, promoting the city-wide coordination of services and promoting research and best practices.
  • National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) 
    As the nation's clearinghouse and comprehensive reporting center for all issues related to the prevention of and recovery from child victimization, NCMEC leads the fight against abduction, abuse, and exploitation - because every child deserves a safe childhood. Learn more about NCMEC programs and how you can help.
  • Volunteer Alexandria 
    The mission of Volunteer Alexandria is to build a better community by inspiring and mobilizing people to volunteer. Volunteer Alexandria believes an active volunteer community creates an environment in which all people thrive. Volunteer Alexandria is at its best when engaged in collaborative efforts which bring together individuals, neighborhoods, schools, businesses, government, nonprofit, faith-based and other community organizations to achieve a common vision of a better Alexandria.
  • Youth Master Plan
    The Youth Master Plan, an initiative of CYFCC, is a process that will document the needs of the city's youth, prioritize objectives, and devise action strategies.

Looking for more ways to get involved in Alexandria's planning process? Consider these options:

Resources & Background Information on Civic Engagement

Staff has collected and reviewed information on what other communities around the country are doing to improve their public participation experience. Let us know if you have a resource to share. We'll add it to the list. In addition, you'll find media links regarding What's Next Alexandria.

National organizations  

Jurisdictions with notable civic engagement programs or reports:  

Examples of online engagement platforms 

  • Action Alexandria – brings together neighbors and local nonprofit organizations to exchange ideas, coordinate efforts, and solve problems in our community.
  • Civic Commons – collaborative catalog of civic apps to help cities engage
  • Code for America - working to change the way cities work through technology and public service
  • Crowdsourcing - obtains ideas by soliciting contributions from a large group of undefined people from the online community
  • IdeaScale – online civic engagement platform  
  • Mindmixer – online civic engagement platform
  • Neighborland – online civic engagement platform
  • OpenPlans – non-profit focused on open government and transportation
  • Open Town Hall – online civic engagement platform
  • The Project for Public Spaces -- Digital Placemaking
  • UserVoice – online civic engagement platform

Media links about the What's Next Alexandria initiative 

Other links of interest