What's Next Alexandria Community Engagement Initiative - Background

Through a series of community dialogues and online participation starting in September 2012 and ending in June 2013, members of the community collaborated with City staff, and appointed and elected officials to talk about how Alexandrians can best participate in public decision-making processes that shape the city. The initiative focused on understanding how to use civic engagement to improve the partnership between community members and City staff.

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Community collaboration over the course of the What’s Next Alexandria process resulted in three key elements:

  • Principles for civic engagement.
  • Standard Framework for civic engagement.
  • Tools and Strategies for communications and engagement.

Together, these important pieces make up Alexandria’s Civic Engagement Handbook, which serves as a guide for public decision-making processes in the city. The Handbook is for community members and City staff who will work together to improve or expand:

  • Understanding about how to participate in public decision-making in Alexandria.
  • Knowledge about planning and development in Alexandria.
  • Skills to participate in civic engagement processes in a meaningful way.
  • Participation to include a broad representation of our diverse city.
  • Solutions for cooperative, productive, and sustainable public decision-making.

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