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Page updated on Feb 5, 2019 at 10:09 AM

Talk to friends, family, and check with your company to see if they have a matching gift program and double your money!

To sign up, just submit the following information. Your name will appear on the online registration and contribution form, so just tell your friends, family, and associates to select your name when they register for the Walk or make a contribution. There's no need to collect money yourself if you refer everyone to the online form! To keep track of donations who'd prefer to give you a check, please use the donation sheet. 

PRIZES! PRIZES! PRIZES! - Prizes will be given to the Walkers who raise the most monies in three categories: adults, children, and teams. Prizes include Potomac Riverboat and Dandy cruises, dinner or brunch at many local restaurants, weekend hotel packages, Maid Brigade gift certificates, spa and fitness packages and more.

All donations must be paid online or turned in with a donation sheet, by Monday, October 28, 2013, by 5 p.m., to be eligible for prizes.

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