GIS & Maps

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) centrally manages, shares and analyzes information about locations through specialized mapping technology. This information increases transparency, improves many City technology applications and provides critical data to decision makers and the public.

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GIS Mission Statement

Enable the City to improve communication and decision-making to ultimately better serve the public through the efficient use of Geographic Information.

Online GIS Services

Standard Maps: Maps ready for download.
Interactive Maps: Easy to use searchable maps targeted to specific exploration and discover needs.
Downloadable Data: The City's GIS data available for use in your projects with your own software.

Learn More about GIS

What is GIS?  

GIS 5 Year Strategic Plan

The GIS Strategic Plan is a roadmap for making best use of the City's investment in GIS technology. GIS has enormous potential to help the City better understand the populations we serve, maintain our infrastructure, more effectively share and analyze information to make decisions, and more clearly communicate with each other and the public.

The Strategic Plan was developed with guidance from a committee of senior level decision makers along with GIS power users and GIS staff, and informed by GIS stakeholders citywide. 

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