Community Gardens

Community gardens provide a location for residents to grow an array of fruits, vegetables and flowers. Popular crops include tomatoes, basil, squash, sunflowers, raspberries, asparagus, onions and greens.

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Community Gardening is one way that the City is helping to increase Alexandria residents’ access to locally grown, environmentally sustainable foods as part of the   Healthy Food Alexandria initiative

The gardening season runs March 1 through Nov. 30 each year.

Here are the community gardening opportunities for the public in Alexandria.

Chinquapin Community Gardens

Located near T.C. Williams H.S. and behind the Chinquapin Recreation Center, the Chinquapin Community Gardens are run by the City of Alexandria and are available for rent to City residents for a fee.  Each plot is about 15x20 feet wide, half-plots are 15x10, and there are 172 plots.  Rentals are available on an annual basis, when plots are available. For more information, you may visit the Chinquapin Community Gardens Board’s website or contact Park Operations at 703.746.5496.  To get on the waiting list, please fill-out and email the form below.

Holmes Run Community Gardens

The Holmes Run Community Gardens are located on the west-end of  the City on Holmes Run Pkwy, in Holmes Run Park.  Each plot is about 15x20 feet wide, and there are 24 plots. Rentals are available on an annual basis, when plots are available.  For more information, you may also contact Park Operations at 703.746.5496. To get on the waiting list, please fill-out and email the form below.

Community Garden Plot Wait List 
Please read the  Community Garden Plot Regulations regarding garden plot rental before submitting a Community Garden Plot Waiting List Application.  This Waiting List Application is for either garden.  Be advised, the Chinquapin Garden wait list contains approximately a hundred applicants and it may be a few years before a community gardening plot becomes available.  Currently, the Holmes Run Garden has less applicants.

Community Garden Plot Application (Returning Gardner)
Updated Regulations and Application are sent to returning gardeners via email.  The application deadline for the 2017 Gardening Season is November 30!

Park Operations, RPCA 

Jones Point Community Garden

The Jones Point Community Garden located near the I-495 overpass, is on the grounds of the United States Park Service and is not affiliated with the City of Alexandria.

GW Community Garden

The GW Community Garden  is located on the grounds of George Washington Middle School. A group of approximately 20 interested citizens in Del Ray has formed a committee to manage the garden, with support from the Master Gardeners and ACPS Garden Coordinator Wendy Sparrow. For more information, e-mail

ARHA Community Gardens

The ACHIEVE Planning Team is partnering with the Alexandria Redevelopment Housing Authority (ARHA) to build community gardens for residents and kick-off a gardening and nutrition program for ARHA children and families.

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