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Page updated on Oct 20, 2020 at 11:05 AM

Sample Ballots for the November 3, 2020 General Election are available here.

The ballot in Alexandria contains contests for:  President and Vice President, United States Senate, Member House of Representatives (8th District) and two proposed Constitutional Amendments

How Do I Vote Absentee?

  • By-Mail Absentee. If you would like to receive an absentee ballot by mail, you may apply online, or download a paper application from our absentee page (see below).
    • The absentee voting page includes additional information, including links to absentee-by-mail applications and information on drop boxes.
    • The deadline to apply for an absentee ballot by mail is 5 p.m. on Friday, October 23. 
    • For November 3, 2020, If you believe you may not safely have a witness present while completing the by mail ballot, you are not required to have a witness present or have a witness sign your ballot envelope. For November 3, 2020, Absentee ballots will not be rejected for the lack of a witness signature. These instructions override any instructions on your ballot envelopes regarding witness signatures.    
  • In-Person Absentee. In-Person absentee voting for the November 3 General Election begins on Friday, September 18 in the Alexandria Voter Registration Office, 132 North Royal Street. Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 
    • The absentee voting page will include additional information on in-person absentee voting including satellite voting locations, weekend and evening hours.
    • The deadline to vote in-person absentee is 5 p.m. on Saturday, October 31. 

Military and Overseas Voters may learn more about their voter registration and absentee voting options at


How Do I Register to Vote?

The voter registration deadline for the November 3, 2020 General Election, for those not already registered to vote at their current address, is October 13. Registration applications received after this deadline will be processed after the election. You may submit or update your registration information online through the Virginia Department of Elections, Any eligible U.S. citizen who will be 18 years old by November 3, 2020, is eligible to register.  

To check your registration status and find your polling place, visit, or call the Alexandria Voter Registration Office at 703.746.4050.

For more information on voter registration (and conducting voter registration drives), or to submit a paper registration application, please see our Voter Registration Information and Application page.

How Does Voting Work in Alexandria?

Precinct Maps and Polling Place Addresses

  • Precinct Map (as of September 2020)
  • Precinct listing (as of September 2020)
  • For November 3, 2020, the voting location for the Ladrey Senior Building Precinct will be the Charles Houston Center (901 Wythe Street).
  • For November 3, 2020, the voting location for the Hermitage Precinct will be the John Adams School (5651 Rayburn Ave).
  • Due to construction, the voting location for the Douglas MacArthur School Precinct will be the G.W Masonic Temple (101 Callahan Dr.). 


ID Requirements

Virginia voters must show identification prior to voting. For more information, including a list of acceptable IDs, please see Virginia's Department of Elections website

Recent Election Results 

Election Results History and Statistics 

The June 23, 2020 Republican Primary for U.S. Senate. 

March 3 2020 Democratic Party Presidential Primary Election

The November 5, 2019  General Election included contests for Virginia State Senate and House of Delegates and Alexandria Clerk of Court.

The June 11, 2019 Democratic Primary included contests for Clerk of Court and Virginia State Senate (35th District).

The November 6, 2018 General Election included contests for U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Alexandria Mayor, Alexandria City Council and Alexandria School Board, as well as two proposed amendments to the Virginia Constitution. . 

Information in Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean

The Virginia Department of Elections has translated many of its web pages into Spanish, Vietnamese, and Korean.

How Do I Run for Local Office?

The next election for Mayor, City Council and School Board will be on November 2, 2021. The filing deadline to run for these offices will be June 8, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Run For Mayor or City Council 

Run For School Board 

Read about Alexandria's City Council

2018 "I Voted" Sticker 

Alexandria's "I Voted" and "Future Voter" stickers came from  a project initiated by the Alexandria Commission for the Arts in conjunction with the Alexandria Electoral Board and Office of Voter Registration and Elections. Local artist Christina Mazurkevich created the winning designs.

Campaign Finance Reports & Statements of Economic Interest 

Become an Alexandria Election Officer

Other Election Links

Alexandria Electoral Board and Registrar of Voters

Alexandria has a three-person Electoral Board

  • Jack Powers, Secretary 
  •  Bruce A. Brown, Chairman
  •  Mary Lyman, Vice Chair

Electoral Board Meetings are open to the public and are listed on the Election Calendar .

Minutes from the meetings are posted as soon as they are available. 

The Electoral Board appoints the Registrar of Voters.

Please contact our office with any questions about voter registration, absentee voting, or Election Day:

Angie Maniglia Turner 
General Registrar and Director of Elections 
Office of Voter Registration and Elections
132 North Royal Street, Suite 100
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Fax: 703.838.6449

FOIA Requests may be submitted directly to our office, or through the City Attorney.