ALL Alexandria - Achieving Racial and Social Equity

Working toward a world where we are all embraced for who we are, and are able to thrive to reach our highest potential. Removing barriers to full participation and belonging in life and culture. Equity means promoting just and fair inclusion throughout our city, and creating the conditions in which everyone can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential.

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ALL Alexandria

ALL Alexandria means each and every resident thrives in our historic, vibrant and diverse city.

ALL Races, Religions, Countries of Origin, Sexual Orientations, Ages, Genders and Abilities

The Vision

Alexandria is a caring, kind, compassionate, fair, just, and equitable city that is an affordable, livable community for ALL.

The Goal

Reduce and eliminate disparities and inequities experienced by ALL Alexandria residents, especially residents of color and those that have been historically and systemically marginalized.

Current Projects


The appearance of Northern Virginia as a haven of affluence and upward mobility is shattered when examining census data, which reveals disparities in education, health, housing, economic resources, and more. Read more about why the ALL Alexandria commitment is important and the Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE) Theory of Action.


Access a growing list of resources related to dealing with racism and race-based trauma and a collection of multicultural mental health resources, including resources for immigrants and the LGBTQ+ community.


The Race and Social Equity Office has provided annotations for the ALL Alexandria resolution for additional explanation and educational purposes. The goal is to increase knowledge and understanding and engage people as we begin our racial equity journey as a community.  


Town hall events are community/Citywide opportunities for City officials and/or the Race & Social Equity Officer to update the community on racial equity efforts throughout the City and engage in open discussions about racial equity.  


Frequently asked questions, and answers, about the City's race and social equity work.


A list of terms, and their definitions, often used in racial equity work.

Upcoming Related Events and Opportunities

For City events related to equity or ALL Alexandria, see the calendar in the header at the top of this page. Below are additional local events and opportunities related to equity.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Events at the Alexandria Library
Throughout the year, the Alexandria Library hosts a wide range of events for all ages related to equity, diversity and inclusion. Access their online calendar, which can be filtered by timeframe and subject.

Recent Events & News

Agenda Alexandria: Advancing a New Conversation on Race, Equity, and Inclusion

What do we as a community need to understand about diversity, equity, and inclusion to engage in better conversation? From an educational perspective, what do important terms such as allyship, racial justice, and microagressions mean? Agenda: Alexandria recently facilitated a conversation with local and national leaders on what it will take to advance a new dialogue and new action on race, equity, and inclusion. Panelists included Bernadette Onyenaka, MS, MPM, Principal & Co-Founder, O&G Racial Equity Collaborative; Jaqueline Tucker, the City of Alexandria's first Race and Social Equity Officer; and Sara VanderGoot, Nationally Certified Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher (e-RYT 200, RYT 500) Co-Owner of Mind The Matt.

A Converation with Civil Rights Attorney Philip Hirschkop

Sponsored by the Alexandria Community Remembrance Project, this conversation with Civil Rights Attorney Philip Hirschkop about the Loving Case and his groundbreaking legal career will inspire you. He is interviewed by Jean Kelleher, Director of the Office on Human Rights. Mr. Hirschkop also answers questions about his Supreme Court cases, his work on prison reform, and he remembers some of his past clients who have included Martin Luther King, Jr., H. Rap Brown, Norman Mailer and the America Nazi Party.