Oronoco Outfall Remediation Project

Page updated on Oct 27, 2016 at 11:12 AM

Transportation and Environmental Services (T&ES), Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ) has completed the first phase of an environmental remediation project within the zero block of Oronoco Street. The project aims to eliminate discharge of impacted material to the Potomac River associated with the former manufactured gas plant now occupied by Lee Street Square (located at the corner of North Lee and Oronoco Streets). For the history of the manufactured gas plant and the City's remedial efforts, visit the Contaminated Lands page on the OEQ’s website.

During phase one of construction it was discovered that the existing storm pipe underneath Oronoco Street has deteriorated and is in need of repair. In lieu of removing and replacing the pipe, a cured in place pipe is proposed to be inserted into the existing pipe. This type of repair is more cost effective then a direct replacement and can be completed in approximately 40 hours, avoiding a longer and more disruptive project for Founders Park and the adjacent neighborhood. However, there will be short term impacts to the adjacent area, primarily related to noise as the cured in place pipe must be heated via a boiler to be inserted into the existing pipe.  Please see below for more information.

Project Quick Facts:

What: Installation of a cured in place pipe (CIPP) to repair an existing deteriorated storm water pipe.

Where: Insertion point of CIPP is the intersection of Oronoco and North Union Streets.

When: Preparation and Cleaning to begin week of January 13, 2014. The installation of the CIPP liner is expected to begin January 16 or January 20 and take approximately 40 hours of continuous work to complete.  If cancelled due to weather, project will be rescheduled for next business day. 

Impacts: Construction noise generated by boilers to heat cured in place pipe and parking restrictions.

Project Content

Khoa Tran
Office of Environmental Quality (OEQ)
Transportation & Environmental Services (T&ES)
Email: Khoadinh.Tran@alexandriava.gov
Telephone: 703-746-4065  

Additional Information:

For more information, please visit the Contaminated Lands webpage.