Office of Real Estate Assessments

Each year, the Office of Real Estate Assessments appraises each parcel of real estate in the City to assess its estimated fair market value. These values are used by the Department of Finance to bill for and collect the real estate tax, which accounts for 58 percent of the City's annual revenue.

Page updated on Jan 21, 2022 at 3:22 PM

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Important Dates in 2022

January 1 Effective date of assessments
February 8 2022 Real Property Assessment Information presented to City Council 
February 9 Assessment notices mailed to property owners
February 15 City Manager presents proposed FY 2023 Budget to City Council
March 7 Budget Public Hearing
March 15 Deadline to request review of January assessment
April 15 Deadline to  request tax relief for the elderly and disabled
April 23 Public hearing on tax rates
May 1 Deadline for filing 2021 Income and Expense Surveys
May 4 City Council adopts FY2023 budget and sets real estate tax rate
Early May Real estate tax bills mailed to owners
June 1 Deadline to request Appeal of January assessment
June 15 Deadline to pay first half of real estate tax due, regardless of review or appeal
November 15 Deadline to pay second half of real estate tax due

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