Information Technology Services

The City’s ITS department is responsible for the centralized operation of the City’s information technology services, support and IT infrastructure. The ITS department is organized to provide a flexible, efficient and effective structure to manage information technology operations and investments to support the City’s strategic goals, business processes and enterprise‐wide information needs.

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Alexandria Celebrates 15 Consecutive Years as a Top Digital City

Alexandria has been ranked the fourth top digital city of its size in the United States, according to the 2019 Digital Cities Survey conducted by the Center for Digital Government. The annual survey evaluates cities' approaches to using technology to tackle social challenges, enhance services, strengthen cybersecurity, and more. This is the 15th consecutive year Alexandria has been ranked in the top 10, including two years in first place. Read more...

ITS Vision, Mission, Values

Vision: We are a strategic partner in innovation and continuous improvement through information and technology advancements.   

Mission: We enable our partners to better serve the community through meaningful collaboration, communication and information while providing a reliable and secure environment.


  • Empower People
  • Evaluate
  • Strategically Invest
  • Secure Information
  • Collaborate
  • Data-Centric

ITS Strategic Plan 2019 - 2023

The ITS department recently completed its 5-year strategic planning process, which resulted in the ITS Strategic Plan .

FY 2022 ITS Operating Budget

FY 2022 Capital Improvement Plan - IT Plan

FY 2021 ITS Operating Budget 

FY 2021 Capital Improvement Plan - IT Plan 

FY 2020 ITS Operating Budget

FY 2020 Capital Improvement Plan - IT Plan


The ITS department includes the following groups that provide these services:

  • Administrative Services - Responsible for department human resources, administrative management and financial management.
  • Enterprise Business Systems Support - Consolidates the Applications and Database Management services and is responsible for the applications and enterprise database administration, data standardization, integration and information exchange.  Programming and database administration are centrally managed here.
  • Information Security Office - Responsible for the assessment, formulation, implementation and maintenance of enterprise-wide IT security policies and procedures.
  • Operations - Consists of three sections, Help Desk, Telecommunications Systems and Operations with responsibility for end-user technical customer service support (Help Desk); telecommunications system planning and day-to-day troubleshooting and operations equipment deployment services; construction, moves, and relocation coordination; (Telecommunications Systems); processing scheduled production, data backup and restores (Operations).
  • Network Management -  Responsible for management of the Institutional Network (I-Net), email systems and enterprise server systems (including server replacement) and connectivity.
  • Enterprise Project Portfolio Management - A central Project Management Office (PMO). Responsible for planning, management and assessment of enterprise IT capital projects, complex purchase management, budgeting and financial management.
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) - Development and distribution of map based data and applications and analytical services.
  • Electronic Government (eGov): - Supports the technical development, design and management of the City's website and the many customer facing applications.

techsavvy Designation as a Tech Savvy city recognizes local governments that have demonstrated that they have a commitment to technology as an enabler, and that their organizations have a spirit of teamwork and collaboration, creativity, and leadership that result in a culture of technology excellence.