Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court

The Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court is one of 32 Juvenile Courts around the Commonwealth of Virginia. All Juvenile Courts in Virginia process the cases described in this website in their own localities.

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Special Procedures and Policies During the COVID-19 Medical Emergency for the Alexandria Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court

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For ease of our writing and your reading of the information on this website, we will be using the term "Juvenile Court" to mean the "Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court".

Since 2002, The Alexandria Juvenile Court has been a Best Practices Court in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The focus of a Best Practices Court is to improve court practices for children in abuse and neglect cases. As part of the Best Practices Court Program there are yearly activities and training that the Alexandria Juvenile Court not only provides but also attends. These trainings have focused on a wide range of topics from child safety to immigration, but the focus always remains bettering court practices for children in abuse and neglect cases. Best Practices Courts are supported by the Virginia Court Improvement Program through the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia as well as the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges’ Permanency Planning for Children Department.

The Alexandria Juvenile Court hears cases involving families who live in the City of Alexandria. It also hears cases where certain family related crimes or delinquent acts by children under 18 years of age are alleged to have happened in the City. These cases are heard Monday - Friday, excluding holidays, based on the Docket Schedule established by the Clerk of Court and the Chief Judge.

Cases can start here or can be transferred here from other Juvenile or Circuit Courts around the Commonwealth of Virginia. In addition orders from courts in other states can be registered with the Juvenile Court at the Office of the Clerk of the Juvenile Court and under certain circumstances can be enforced by the Court.

The Alexandria Juvenile Court is staffed by two judges, the Clerk of Court, and six deputy clerks. The Court is assisted in the processing of its caseload by the Alexandria Court Service Unit, which handles the intake of all juvenile and some adult cases and also provides services to the Juvenile Court and families involved with the court including probation, counseling, family therapy, and parent education on custody/visitation matters.

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