Third-Party Site Redaction Log

Page updated on Jul 18, 2021 at 5:16 PM

While most of the information on the City's websites is routinely edited and updated, certain items are intended to be one-time announcements or postings.  Examples include news releases, social media posts, and comments from non-City users.  As part of our commitment to open and accountable government, the City leaves these postings in place, even after they no longer pertain to ongoing events or issues.  This allows the public to research past issues, and preserves a public record of government statements and activities.

In rare cases, the City redacts (removes) information from a previous, one-time posting.  When this is done on a site operated by the City, an appropriate notation can be made.  When this is done on a site operated by a third party, it may only be possible to delete the entire posting, rather than edit it.  In this case, the content will be moved from the third-party site to this page, and a notation will be made in the log below to indicate the redaction and its purpose.

Date Posted  Date Deleted Site Redaction Purpose of Redaction
7/17/21 7/18/21 Facebook

Listen to an expert: ""The virus is still present in our community. If the virus finds a [redacted] in our armor, it can spread. We are also confronting new variants of COVID, and these variants may spread more easily or cause more severe disease. As these variants come into our community, it is more important than ever that people are protected."" Benjamin Schwartz, MD, Director, Division of Epidemiology & Population Health, Fairfax County Health Department, on the Don Kroah Show, WAVA-FM

Salvador Serafín Amado: I understand the message, horrible quote/usage of language...considering how people may read into it from the word [redacted] that can taken as a slur...just saying

Post contained potentially insensitive language.
6/21/21 6/21/21 Twitter What an amazing send-off for Officer Jensen, the SRO at George Washington MS, from the staff. We appreciate all the gratitude they showed. [Redacted video] Post contained erroneous information
6/21/21 6/21/21 Facebook What an amazing send-off for Officer Jensen, the SRO at George Washington MS, from the staff. We appreciate all the gratitude they showed. [Redacted video] Post contained erroneous information
6/4/21 6/4/21 Facebook [Redacted] you to cowards are some mark [Redacted]!!! [Redacted] you two blue line [Redacted]!!! Nothing but [Redacted] cowards with a badge!!! [Redacted] you two [Redacted]!!! [Redacted] cowards Post contained personal attacks and excessive vulgarities.
4/30/21 4/30/21 Twitter Congratulations to the graduates of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training class. This was the first class held since before the Covid-19 pandemic began. @AlexandriaVAFD @DCHS_AlexVA Photo did not promote COVID-19 guidelines.
4/30/21 4/30/21 Facebook Congratulations to the graduates of the Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training class. This was the first class held since before the Covid-19 pandemic began. Photo did not promote COVID-19 guidelines.
4/13/21 4/13/21 Facebook

[Redacted] Move on with your life and stop trolling APD!

[Redacted] do something other then drink the kool aid. If you care about the officer then [redacted]. You have no idea what you're talking about. Let the adults handle the corruption, we'll wake you up when we need clean up.


Comments contained sensitive information and personal attacks
1/21/21 1/29/21 Twitter We are striving to forge our union with purpose to compose a country committed to all cultures colors characters and conditions of man. — Recited at the Inauguration by Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb” #46 #History #NewDay #Alex311 Post and image was political in nature
1/21/21 1/29/21 Facebook We are striving to forge our union with purpose to compose a country committed to all cultures colors characters and conditions of man. — Recited at the Inauguration by Amanda Gorman’s “The Hill We Climb” #46 #History #NewDay #Alex311 Post and image was political in nature
1/17/21 1/19/21 Facebook

To receive real-time text alerts and updates for the city of Alexandria, text your zip code to [redacted]

Will Costigan II - Oh man, you’re tellin’ me we can have “shots fired” sent to our phones every day and no other serious crimes?! SOLD!


Error in posted content
12/25/20 1/29/21 Twitter Merry Christmas! Christmas Alex311 wishes you a warm, peaceful, and safe holiday. #Alex311 Post promoted a religious holiday
12/25/20 1/29/21 Facebook Merry Christmas! Alex311 wishes you a warm, peaceful, and safe holiday. #Alex311 Post promoted a religious holiday
11/5/20 11/5/20 Facebook

GO Alex and the City of Alexandria are hosting 'Operation Illumination' where lights and reflective gear are given to those who bike, walk, or take transit. Stop by at one of the dates and locations that works for you!


Marianne LePelley - Why is the West End basically completely ignored? You force us to have bike lanes but won't include the residents in distribution efforts for reflective gear

Matthew Shuman - So, you just give this stuff away for free?

Vanessa Krasniewicz - Refelctive^^

Typos in graphic
9/11/20 9/11/20 Twitter Watch the City's virtual remembrance ceremony to mark the tragic events of 9/11 and honor those who lost their lives and those who fearlessly responded. The annual event was prerecorded to avoid a large gathering and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Post contained link to an incorrect version of the City's 9/11 Remembrance Ceremony video.
08/02/20 08/02/20 Facebook

X X X. Alexandria she is stoner bully abuse terrorists stalker her name X and X. Stalker of children . Nasty .. Danger people 😡

Comment was libelous and included home address. Commenter was advised to contact Police.
07/05/20 07/05/20 Facebook & Twitter

(Removed several photos)

Photos did not promote COVID-19 guidelines.
07/01/20 07/02/20 Facebook

X X no worse than your mothers X. Tell her I said hey. 

Comment contained personal attack.
06/30/20 06/30/20 City Website

Help Locate Missing Endangered Person X X
For Immediate Assistance: June 30, 2020

The Fairfax County Police Department has asked for assistance to locate a missing endangered person. X X, X, was last seen on June 29, at 10 p.m., in the X block of X Drive in Fairfax County. He may have also been in the vicinity of Van Dorn Street and Edsall Road in Alexandria on June 30. He is considered endangered due to mental and/or physical health concerns.

Mr. Khan is X’X”, X pounds, with X eyes and X hair, last seen wearing a red checkered button-up shirt, orange pants and sandals. A prior photo, with a different shirt, appears below. Mr. X likes to frequent restaurants and food establishments.

If you know where Mr. X is, please call or text 911 immediately to help him return home safely. If you have other information, call 703.746.4444. You can also share the Fairfax County Police Department's Facebook post.

This news release is available at

[Photo redacted]

The protect the personal privacy of the subject after he was located unharmed.
04/28/20 04/28/20 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

INFO :: Looking for virtual activities? Visit for a listing of #RPCAatHOME virtual programs. Choose from FREE concerts, story times, fitness classes and more. Programming is updated regularly, so check back often.

J Glenn Eugster: No masks? Less than 6 feet distance? The virus continues to spread in Alexandria. Everyone needs to help stop the spread.

Post contained image that poorly represented the intent of the post
3/30/20 3/30/20 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Recreation, nature & art centers; playgrounds; fenced fields, basketball, tennis courts, dog parks & park amenities, (restrooms & parking lots) are closed. Don't scale fences, enter fenced areas, or remove signage. Report violations to 703.746.4444. Info: Post contained erroneous content
2/15/20 2/16/20 Facebook [Redacted] this program. I’m never going to be Vision zero tolerant. You want it, then get the [redacted] out of this area. Comments contained profanity.
2/15/20 2/16/20 Facebook [Redacted] this vision zero program. Get the [redacted] out of here. You are not welcomed. I won’t put you in office or watch you deface this city. Comments contained profanity.
11/21/19 11/21/19 APD Instagram APD pictures officers receiving awards. Post error
7/1/19 7/1/19 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Video upload for the Tons of Trucks promotion was replaced with an updated (2019) version to show correct dates To correct the date of the event shown on the video.
4/4/19 4/8/19 Facebook - APD

Kiko Contreras [redacted] the police

Yhuene Contreras [redacted] ya [emojis]

Kiko Contreras You still [redacted]? Yea i rememebr you

Comments contained profanity.
3/6/19 3/7/19 Twitter - APD UPDATE: APD releases surveillance photo from Monday's @SunTrust bank robbery on Mount Vernon Avenue. Request for removal of photo due to risk to other persons pictured.
2/9/19 2/12/19 AFD Twitter


Firefighters have given the all clear to allow fire marshals entry into the townhome on Arnell Ct. to begin their investigation.

UPDATE: A male victim was removed to the ME's office. The origin & cause investigation has determined the fire to be accidental in nature. The most probable cause was an unattended candle. Case remains open pending results of an autopsy.

@MarciaCPersaud: My cousin. Cannot believe that he had died so tragically. May he rest in peace

@MoSeifeldein: Thank you for continued service! The unsung hero's of our community.

Property owner requested removal of photo-based post.
8/7/18 11/6/18 Instagram alexhealthmatters: [REDACTED PHOTO] The Department of Community and Human Services' "Safe Haven" contains separate apartment units to provide permanent housing and services for up to twelve persons experiencing both chronic homelessness and serious mental illness. Submitted by Dan Sweeney, Jr. #AlexHealth #HealthMatters #PhotoVoice #AlexandriaVA The post contains a photo including personal information and was removed for privacy reasons. 
8/7/18 11/6/18 Instagram alexhealthmatters: [REDACTED PHOTO] "Guest House" provides accommodations and support for women reintegrating into society. Submitted by Dan Sweeney, Jr. #AlexHealth #HealthMatters #PhotoVoice #AlexandriaVA The post contains a photo including personal information and was removed for privacy reasons. 
12/14/17 12/15/17 Twitter CORRECTION: regular shelter hours are 7AM to 7:30pm Error in hours of operation; should be overnight (7pm to 7:30am).
7/4/17 7/14/17  Facebook - APD HOLIDAY :: ‪Happy 4th of July from the Alexandria Police Department! APD Officers are not only patrolling Alexandria today, but assisting United States Park Police in D.C. as well. #HappyFourth‬  [REDACTED PHOTO AND COMMENTS] Department asked that photo be removed. 
6/17/17  6/17/17  Facebook - APD  [REDACTED NAME] lol. Personal attacks because I object to my city using my money in a manner that excludes me. [REDACTED PROFANITY] me, right?

BTW- you're a cow. You should really lose about 75 pounds before you keel over from being a life long fat ass.
Comment contained profanity and a personal attack. 
9/22/16 9/23/16 Facebook [REDACTED] HOW I GOT A LEGIT LOAN @ 2% INTEREST RATE When my husband was at the hospital i could not pay our mortgage and other domestic bills so i sent my kids to my mum. The hospital bill became too high for me and i could continue with the bills. When i decided to seek for loan bank decline my request. Then i came online to seek for loan assistance when i saw how [REDACTED] ( [REDACTED] ) help different individuals and organizations with loan amount, i also contacted her company immediately and i did as she instructed me to do. Within four days, she send my loan amount of $35,000.00USD that i requested for with no hidden charges. I was able to clear our hospital bill, get a new home and begin a new life. Contact Victoria Lawson today Via Email: [REDACTED] *Full Name:_________ *Address:_________ *Tell:_________ *loan amount:_________ *Loan duration:_________ *Country:_________ *Purpose of loan:_________ *Monthly Income:__________ *Occupation__________ *Next of kins :_________ *Email :_________ Comment was off-topic, commercial spam.
3/29/16 3/20/16 Twitter - APD MISSING: [redacted], [redacted] yo, [redacted], [redacted] lbs, white sweatshirt, gray pants. Suicidal & needs assistance-703.746.4444. [photo redacted] To protect the personal privacy of the subject
10/22/15 10/22/15 Facebook - APD TRAFFIC :: Traffic around Market Square will be severely limited tomorrow for a political event. Between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m. the following roads will be closed to vehicle traffic: 300 block of King / 300 block of Cameron / 100 block of N. Fairfax / 100 block of N. Royal / Buses and the trolley will also take alternate routes. Please plan ahead.  https://[redacted]
Post contained incorrect information and erroneous link and could not be edited.
7/29/15 7/29/15 Facebook - APD Robert Robinson [redacted], you sir are a total [redacted]......nuff said Comment contained profanity and personal attack
5/15/15 5/15/15 Facebook Janice Wolk Grenadier Please review Democrats corruption - Please help me get out this video - I was Jailed so (redacted) could be re-elected and this cover up by Old Boys Network of Virginia and of (redacted) criminal acts and actions - (redacted) This is a video of my statement to the City Council – City of Alexandria – Volume is poor – but, please listen and pass on Comment was off-topic and contained personal attacks/accusations.
1/28/15 1/29/15 Twitter - APD  @AlexandriaVAPD @DepChiefHuchler Team building exercise, Lt Ladislaw has the stuffed K9, gets to tells us a cop story Post contained a photo of an employee who requested it be removed from Twitter.
11/2/14 11/3/14 Facebook
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10/9/14 10/9/14 Facebook - APD Ernest Isom Hello FOOTBALL FANS! This Weekend, (redacted)  (redacted)are planning to give free nfl jerseys to TEN lucky members! Simply follow these steps to win: ① Like this post. ② Comment which team's jersey you want. ③ Share With Your Friends. Lucky Members Will Be Announced Soon! Good Luck to everyone! Comment was off-topic, commercial spam.
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8/21/14 8/22/14 Facebook Glen Hughes I recently bought an item, through an online auction listed by XXXX XXXX of the Alexandria Health Department. I purchased the item on 7/23, scheduled an appointment to pick it up on 8/1. There was nothing but confusion when I arrived to pickup my property, I was not given it, but promised they would not only mail it, but would keep me informed with updates on the status. Since then, I have not yet received my property, been lied to several times by XXXX XXXX, have asked for XXXX XXXX to call me, and she has not even addressed my concern. They are ..simply put...a perfect example of how lying and incompetence can be achieved if you just persist. "Mr.  Hughes: We apologize for the delay in shipping the computer you purchased in a City surplus property auction. Although staff acted in good faith and spoke to you regularly about the status, there was some confusion about when the item would be ready for release. In order to comply with HIPAA and other state and federal information security protocols, surplus City computers must be carefully processed prior to transferring them to other parties. We understand that the item has been shipped to you for delivery today, and you have been provided with the tracking number. If you have any further concerns, please submit them online .
First comment contained personal attacks.


7/28/14 Twitter  Want to know how your City government works? Joint the Alexandria City Academy! Apply now: Original post contained a typo.
7/16/14 7/16/14 Twitter - APD  @JerkinTheFirkin (redacted), the Officer remarked that he remembered you from a previous call when you called about (redacted). Inadvertent disclosure of personal information.
11/24/13 11/24/13 Facebook   "FREE NIGHT STAY" at the (redacted). Just "LIKE" our Facebook page for your chance to win. Comment was commercial spam.
11/6/13 11/6/13 Facebook  Rocky
get your garbage post's of off my (redacted) computer before i call a cop.  
Comment used profanity.
11/2/13 11/6/13 Facebook   Bassem Adel
*** حلم الرشاقة أصبح حقيقة ***
التخسيس السريع بدون جراحه بدون مجهود
حقن الميزوثيرابى لنحت الجسم و اذابة الدهون و تفتيت السمنة الموضعية
مركز فيتنس للسمنة و النحافة 
العرض المميز - خصم خاص 50 %
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دكتور باسم الهابط
الفيس بوك : صفحة خسسنى فورا  
Comment was off-topic, commercial spam.
11/2/13 11/6/13 Facebook 
Bassem Adel 
*** حلم الرشاقة أصبح حقيقة ***
التخسيس السريع بدون جراحه بدون مجهود
حقن الميزوثيرابى لنحت الجسم و اذابة الدهون و تفتيت السمنة الموضعية
مركز فيتنس للسمنة و النحافة 
العرض المميز - خصم خاص 50 %
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الفيس بوك : صفحة خسسنى فورا 
Comment was off-topic, commercial spam.
10/16/13 10/18/13   Facebook    التخسيس السريع بدون جراحه بدون مجهود حقن الميزوثيرابى لنحت الجسم و اذابة الدهون و تفتيت السمنة الموضعية مركز فيتنس للسمنة و النحافة العرض المميز - خصم خاص 50 % الاسكندرية – المنشية دكتور باسم الهابط 01000943003 4878999 الفيس بوك : صفحة خسسنى فورا  Comment was off-topic, commercial spam.
7/17/13 7/18/13 Facebook - APD  

Mr. Jeremy Johnson

Why don't you (redacted) commies take your license readers and shove them up your (redacted) (redacted)! Safety MY (redacted)!!! (redacted) you!

If you (redacted) think that Americans are going to put up with much more of this intrusive, invasive, privacy-denying tactics, on LAW ABIDING CITIZENS, you are (redacted) CRAZY!!!

Comment used profanity.
5/24/13 5/28/13 Facebook - APD   Mr. L Da Vice
Tell Officer XXXX he's gonna be working behind a desk when I'm done with his f (redacted) a (redacted) come May 31st. (Court Date)
Comment used profanity. 
5/6/13 5/7/13 Facebook   Dalamar Darkelf
You F (redacted) A (redacted).
Comment used profanity. 
4/2/13 4/2/13 Facebook   Jack Smith
http:// (redacted)
"Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped. Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance." ― Robert F. Kennedy
Shared URL contains personal attacks.
2/12/13 2/13/13 Facebook - Local Motion   Virginia Law
XXXXXX apparently crowned new Commonwealth Attorney for the City of Alexandria to continue the corrupt way of doing business in the City of Alexandria - He will become the new gate keeper to the Grand Jury so law firms like XXXXXX - have been allowed to steal from Trust account, lie in court, lie to Judges, file false documents - There is no accountability because of the favoritism and Cronyism - XXXXXX has supported this - it is well documented -

To learn more about XXXXXX and the Judicial System in the City of Alexandria - How they look the other way for their friends and colleges - go to http:// (redacted) or http:// (redacted) for more on XXXXXX - http:// (redacted)

Comment was a personal attack.
12/12/12 12/12/12 Facebook See screenshot of redacted post.  Original post contained typos.
10/13/12 10/24/12 Facebook   Jack Smith
Circuit Court Judges of Alexandria stoop to new low to protect themselves from Criminal Actions of ruling on Cronyism and Favoritism instead of the Law and Rules of the Supreme Court - Judge Xxxxxx is now tampering with the transcripts and the Exhibits / Evidence submitted and made part of the record on September 26, 2012 -
Comment was a personal attack.
7/8/12 7/8/12 Facebook    Virginia Law
The State of Virginia's Legal System is so corrupt that they and in Bed with the Legislature it is sick. The State of Virginia is Ranked 47th and 49th for a reason. Xxxx Xxxx head of the Courts of Justice is aware of how corrupt Xxxx Xxxx Xxxxx is in The City of Alexandria - Yet look at what was done on May 14, 2012 - 2012 Special Session HR613ER
http://  Great way to spend Tax Payer Money!!
http:// (redacted)
Comment was a personal attack.
6/28/12 Facebook  Way to be a xxxxx, Alexandria.
Comment used profanity
5/14/12 5/14/12 Facebook  YUNG MAL I DONT LIKE REMIX ON DA TAPE
Comment used profanity
2/24/12 3/1/12 Facebook 

Removed text:

Post by Virginia Law: CORRUPTION IN THE CITY OF ALEXANDRIA IN JUDGE'S CHAMBERS ~ Recently Retired Judge Xxxxx Xxxxx ~ HOW DOES HE LOOK HIMSELF IN THE MIRROR IN THE MORNING? ~ Maybe it is the "LOVE" he has for Xxxxx Xxxxx? ~ He personally went out of his way to protect her in court ~ Said to my face I would never get a fair trial Because of their "LOVE" for Xxxxx ~ I guess that is because they like there attorney's lying in Court to them ~ Filing False documents in the Clerks office ~ Lying in Cross Complaints ~ The list of the crimes of the Judges in the Circuit Court of Alexandria & the State of Virginia don't stop here ~ Remember this could happen to you ~ the oath these judge's take goes as follows ~ " I do solemmly swear ( or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and th Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia, and that I will faithfully and impartially discharge all of the duties incumbent on me asL Judge of the Judicial Circuit. According to the best of my ability: ( So help me God)." ~ Judge Xxxxx is a trespasser of the law ~ He is no better then any of the guilty people he has put behind bars ~ He is actually worse because he walks into a Court Room like "GOD" makes decision's on people's life's that affects there family & children for the rest of there live's. He takes personal friend ships and and by all appearance either doesn't follow the Law because he does not know it ~ which is incompetence or he has ignored the law ~ unconscionable. ~ www.(redacted) 

Comment by City of Alexandria, Virginia:
Dear "Virginia Law," Thank you for your interest in our Facebook page. Your post on February 24, 2012 at 2:23 PM violated the City's Terms of Use which you can review here on ("This is the official Facebook page for the City of Alexandria government ( We encourage comments, but we may remove personal attacks, spam, or anything illegal or obscene."). Accordingly we will soon delete that post, just as we have deleted several other posts you have made in violation of our Terms of Use (see We welcome you to continue to post to the site so long as your posts conform with our Terms of Use. Thank you. Office of Communications & Public Information, City of Alexandria, Virginia.

Comment by Virginia Law:
I am sorry you feel they are personal attacks. Everything that I am stating is the Truth. I would prefer no to have to state any of this. If I was lying in any of my comments I would be sued for Liable. The City of Alexandria has a very corrupt Court system. I can prove it in the way all of this has happened.

Comment by Ariel Sarousi:
Really, City of Alexandria? Threatening to remove posts because you don't what they say? I have no faith or respect for the City of Alexandria

Comment by Virginia Law:
You shouldn't ~ The state of Virginia is 2nd in the most corrupt staes ~ U can't get more corrupt then this city?

Comment was a personal attack.
2/17/12 2/17/12 Facebook 

Removed text:

Xxxxxx. City Attorney supports Xxxxxx as Gate Keeper (God) to the Grand Jury in The City of Alexandria, Sees no problems with a citizens constitutional and civil rights being violated by the City of Alexandria Circuit Courts. Could care less if the City is through out the World looked at as a corrupt, unprofessional, legal system and refuse's to ask a Special Grand Jury to review ...the actions of the Commonwealth's Attorney Xxxxxx, the Clerk of Courts ~ Xxxxxx or the Judge's ~ Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx ~ Visiting Judges requested illegally Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx, Xxxxxx & Xxxxxx Federal Judge Xxxxxx. TERRORISM IN THE COURTS OF CITY OF ALEXANDRIA & THE FEDERAL COURT OF ALEXANDRIA THROUGH OUT THE STATE OF VIRGINIA ~ The public should be concerned how easy it is through personal friendships, donations to campaigns & buying tables at the Virginia State Bar ~ TERRORISM ON THE COURTS BY Xxxxxx Xxxxxx A LAWYER AND MARRIED TO Xxxxxx A LAWYER WITH Xxxxxx IN WASHINGTON DC ~ Power wins so far ~ THEY ARE THE 1% ~ How easy is it for a real terrorist to buy his way of trouble in the Federal Courts of Alexandria?

Comment was a personal attack.


2/15/12 Facebook  See PDF file of removed content  Removed 3 separate posts with associated links, images, comments, likes and shares due to a request by the family of Paramedic Joshua Weissman, who were unhappy with the use of a particular version of a Joshua Weissman photo.
2/13/12 2/14/12 Facebook  Removed text:

"Judge Xxxxx ~ City of Alexandria's Commonwealth Attorney Xxxxx Xxxxx take Supreme Court of Virginia's Chief Justice Xxxxx Xxxxx's order and used it to wipe there xxxxx ~ But, why should they take her orders seriously~ she has in the past sent a strong message you don't have to follow the rules of the Supreme Court - The State of Virginias Legal System is a disgrace ~ The City of Alexandria has sent a strong message back to the Cheif Justice you are a Joke ~ Your orders will not be followed by us ~ We are above u and the Law ~"
Comment was a personal attack that contained obscene language.
2/2/12 2/2/12 Facebook  Removed text:

"Xxxx Xxxx is a lier, thief, manipulator that stole over $95,000. from the Xxxxx Xxxxx Trust to benefit in Millions in Real Estate ~ Filed false documents with the City of Alexandria Courts ~ Lied in Admissions ~ Use her as an attorney see how much the client has for legal fees till any negotiation. Quote " My family had nothing to do with your children because you raised them Catholic" Xxxx Xxxx is Jewish."
Comment was a personal attack.
1/30/12 1/30/12 Facebook 

Call us today at 1-877-nnn-nnnn or visit us at www.aaaaaa.aa http://aaaaaa.aa/redacted/redacted.pdf http://aaaaaa.aa/redacted http://aaaaaa.aa/redacted http://aaaaaa.aa/redacted/redacted.pdf

Comment was off-topic spam.
11/13/11 11/14/11 Facebook  Removed text:

"Should we maybe worry more about the Corruption in the Courts in the City of Alexandria & its involvement in this cover up?What about the State of Virginia's cover up ~ I agree that what is happening at Penn State is horrid ~ but, What ab...out the Cover up right here in Virginia for Xxxx Xxxx ~ late wife of Judge Xxxx? How long will the state get to ignore what the Judges, Supreme Court, VSB, JIRC, State Legislatures, Commonwealths Attorney, Clerk of Court, His office ~ have done to cover up her involvement in the forging of signatures to give her Trustee Power to steal from Xxxx Xxxx thru her Law Office ? Because they all Love her ~ [URL redacted] to read more about it ~ or [URL redacted]"
Comment was a personal attack.
10/20/11 Facebook  Removed comment [URL redacted]:
Comment was off-topic spam.
10/7/11 10/7/11 Twitter

Removed Text:

Residents asked to avoid waters of Holmes Run near Holmes Rn Pkwy & N. Paxton St. due to FFX Co sewage spill: 

Clarification provided on spill details: replaced text with:

Residents asked to avoid waters of Holmes Run near Holmes Rn Pkwy & N. Paxton St. due to sewage spill: 

6/1/10 9/19/11 Facebook  Mosquito Control Video w/description and comments:

VIDEO :: Is there standing water collecting in your uncovered trash can, children's toys, or flower pots in your yard? Make sure to dump it out so mosquitos don't use it as a breeding ground. This helps prevent the spread of West Nile Virus. For more information, visit

Comment: Kathy Carroll Now, if my neighbors on either side would mow their back yards, and if my neighbors directly behind me could see this, I wouldn't have to run a mosquito magnet all summer.

Comment: Phyllis Matthews Makes me happy I live in a highrise condo ;-0

Comment: Emily Wilson Roberts What about the city drainage alley behind my house? The mosquitos are coming up from the grates!!! Does the city do anything to treat the mosquitos that are here?

Comment: City of Alexandria, Virginia @Emily, The City's Health Department can inspect and treat the drainage ditch if necessary. Please call 703.838.4400 ext. 326, for more information.

Comment: Miriam Sarah Ratner Thank you for keeping me posted on what is going on in the City of Alexandria I got stuck again on theFacebook. They had to give me two passwords. The first one I tried all day yesterday to get on. I tried the new Password so I got on. Meanwhile I got on the Yahoo page. Mimi Ratner
Former employee featured in the video is now employed with another jurisdiction, in a similar capacity, and requested that we remove the video from use via a City Health Department representative.
11/18/10 2/1/11 Facebook 

Holiday Tree wall photo following w/caption:

NEWS :: The City's Holiday Tree arrives in Old Town! Be sure to join Mayor Euille, Santa's Frosty Follies, and a special visit from you-know-who on Friday, November 26 at 7 pm in Market Square (301 King Street)

Duplicate entry in the wall photo album.
1/14/11 1/14/11 Facebook  ALERT :: Alexandria Police are seeking the public's help in locating missing person Xxxxxxxxxx Xxxxx. Xxxxx, 25, is pregnant, and was reported missing on Jan 1, 2011. She was last seen at the City homeless shelter at 2355B Mill Road. Any information about her whereabouts can be reported at 703.838.4444. [Photo] To protect the personal privacy of the subject, who was later located.
12/22/10 12/22/10 Facebook 

BAH, HUM-BUG! :: Don't let bed bugs ruin your holiday plans! Travel tips: 1) Inspect hotel rooms for signs of bed bugs 2) keep luggage in the bathroom or on a table and don't put clothes in drawers; 3) put luggage in a garbage bag before putting it in your car or home; 4) vacuum luggage upon return and don't store it i...n the bedroom; and 5) wash and dry all clothes upon your return.

Comment: Val Elardo I also read- Don;t put luggage on your bed!

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3/10/10 3/10/10 Facebook   XXXXX XXXXXYou're xxx xxxx right he KNOWS about our complaints. But does he care about old town, its parks, or its residents?? NO. I do not need to speak to him ever does no good whatsoever. Xxxxx is a JOKE of a human being, let alone a city official. The comment to the left contained a use of profanity and a personal attack on another individual.
1/25/10 1/28/10 Facebook  Joseph Judson Smith III wrote on January 25, 2010 at 10:39am

January 25, 2010

To Members of City Council, Mayor, and City Manager:

I have lived in Alexandria for 25 years and paid casual attention to the city's governance and management - until now. Upon hearing of our city's concern over a $40,000,000 potential deficit, I became curious as to how such a prosperous community could find itself in such straits and decided to do some research.

I studied the city' s annual report, the report of the State of Virginia Auditor of Public Accounts, reports from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and from the Securities and Exchange Commission. What I found was an astonishing lack of management, leadership, and governance in our city.

And here is why.

Growth of the population serves as a solid benchmark against which to compare growth in our government. Our population grew 11.6% between 2000 and 2009. How does an 11.6% growth in population manifest itself in growth of services and expenditures? One would assume they would be roughly in line, but not necessarily a direct correlation. After adjusting for inflation, here is what I found:

Per capita personal income up 17%

Total assessed property value up 106%

General property tax up 45%
Four times faster than population growth.

General property tax as percent of city revenue up 54%
Up 6.9 percentage points from 2000. Our city is more
dependent on general property tax.

City payroll up 41%
Up 16% faster than revenues and hogs 68.1% of revenues.

Average city salary up 36%
The average city employee makes almost 10% more than the
average citizen.

Total city expenditures up 54%
Up five times faster than population growth.

Expenditures per government employee up 49%
Easy to spend money that 's not yours. Four times the rate of
population increase. Is the quality of life in the city four times
better than in 2000?

City spending per citizen up 38%
Up from $3,450 per citizen to $4,775.

Education expenses up 50%
Four times faster than population growth and with a slightly
smaller student population. Are our children four times more
prepared or educated?

Expenditures per student up 47%
And one of the highest in the nation. Results?

This looks like a pretty dismal record of milking a cash cow rather than conserving resources.

And just what may be the root causes of this?

When looking at the breakdown by general departments, some areas of concentration stand out and point to areas needing thorough investigation by the city administration:

Department Size in Millions Percent Growth From 2000

Education $165.7 Is it top-heavy with administration?
There has been virtually no student
growth yet school payroll is up 41.1%

Public Safety 91.8 Up four times population growth?
Are we four times safer than in 2000?
Anecdotally I do not notice much

General Government 77.6 This looks like general overhead to
me. Should not have grown four
times as fast as the population

And whre might be the best areas to look for savings? Payroll stands out. The city has increased payroll at 3.5 times the rate of increase in our population.

If our payroll in proportion to revenue were the same as …
Savings to the city would be:
All Virginia Independent Cities $24,000,000
All Virginia Municipalities $9,500,000
Fairfax and Arlington Counties $85,000,000
Goldman Sachs $97,000,000

It appears that at a minimum no increase in compensation at any level of the government is justified and actually some tough decisions need to be made to get the payroll back in line with a minimum target of no more than 60% of revenues. If there is attrition as a result, so be it. We are in a tough economy with unemployment in Alexandria at 4.6% (U-3) and a projected U-6 rate of almost 8%. That compares to 6.2% and 10.6%, respectively, in the Metropolitan area. There are plenty of qualified people looking for jobs. It is time for the city employees to tighten their belts like the rest of us.

Raising taxes is an unacceptable solution. The job of the city government and leadership is to be faithful stewards of the resources of the city and its citizens. Constant vigilance to prevent the squandering of our resources and reducing costs must always be high on our leadership's agenda.

The city payroll is the largest target and opportunity. Where the rest comes from is a challenge and charge to the city government and leadership from the citizens of Alexandria.


J.J. Smith

The text to the left was posted on the "Discussions" tab of the City's Facebook page, which was inadvertently activated.  The Discussions tab has been removed, to allow staff to focus on responding to posts on the Wall.  The original post is retained in this log, and the  City's reply to Mr. Smith is also available.
11/6/09 11/18/09 Twitter  Missing Person Update: Mxxxxx Mxxxxx was located Friday, November 6, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in good condition.  To protect the personal privacy of the subject
11/6/09 11/18/09 Twitter  Missing Person: Police searching for Mxxxxx Mxxxxxx, 77, who suffers from XXXXX XXXXX and XXXXX.  To protect the personal privacy of the subject
11/6/09 11/18/09 Facebook 

ALERT :: Alexandria Police Investigate Missing Person - Police need the public's help in locating a woman who was reported missing on Nov 5. Mxxxxx Mxxxxx, 77, left her residence in the XXXXX block of XXXXX XXXXX around 12 PM on Nov 5. She spoke to her son and said she was going to visit him in XXXXX later that day. She never arrived at her destination nor did she return home.  Mxxxxx suffers from XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX and has XXXXX XXXXX. She may XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXX XXXXXX. She is described as XX feet XX inches tall, XXX pounds and has XXXXX hair and XXXXX eyes. Anyone with information about the whereabouts of Mxxxxx Mxxxxx is asked to call 703.838.4444 or 703.838.4858


City of Alexandria, Virginia
More info at 
November 6 at 11:34am City of Alexandria, Virginia
UPDATE: Mxxxxx Mxxxxx was located Friday, November 6, in Franklin County, Pennsylvania in good condition.

To protect the personal privacy of the subject