Child Welfare Programs and Services

Programs and services to strengthen and support families

Page updated on May 31, 2021 at 10:16 AM

Strengthening and Supporting Families

The Department of Community and Human Services Child Welfare Division provides a variety of programs and services to strengthen and support families, including family engagement services, programs for supporting fathers and community wraparound services for children and families who are at-risk of encountering abuse or neglect. When those interventions are not enough, or additional time is needed to support the biological family, foster care families provide a stable home for children while their parents or caregivers work to improve their situation. 

Reunification Month   Fatherhood Awareness Month 

June is National Reunification Month and Fatherhood Awareness Month

In conjunction with National Reunification Month and Fatherhood Awareness Month in June, the City of Alexandria is highlighting programs and services that focus on reunifying children in foster care with their parents and families and celebrating fathers and the importance of a father’s engagement with his children and family, especially during the reunification process. Learn more about how DCHS works towards reunification and supports and engages fathers.

Programs and Services

Learn more about some of our programs and services

Foster Care ProgramFoster Care

Foster care exists to provide safe, temporary homes for kids who cannot safely live with their families while the families work to improve their situation. Learn more.

Kinship Web BoxKinship

Kinship care is the full-time care of children by relatives or other people with whom the child has a close emotional connection, when the child’s biological parents are unable to do so. Learn more.

Fatherhood Web BoxFatherhood Engagement

There is a direct link between father involvement and child safety and well-being. DCHS provides specialized fatherhood engagement services to families experiencing foster care. Learn more.

CPS Web BoxChild Protective Services 

The safety and well-being of children is a community responsibility. DCHS provides child abuse prevention and child protective services. Learn more

FFAC Web boxFund for Alexandria’s Child

The Fund for Alexandria's Child works to enhance the quality of life of children in foster care and children at risk of abuse and neglect by promoting community awareness, involvement, and resource development. Learn more.