Performance & Accountability

The City of Alexandria is focused on using data to inform decisions to deliver efficient and effective services. The Office of Performance and Accountability leads this effort by helping the City measure, track, and analyze services.

Page updated on Jan 19, 2018 at 8:50 AM

What's New

2018 Resident Survey is Underway 

The 2018 Resident Survey has been sent out to 3,000 randomly selected residents.  Find out more by visiting the resident survey homepage or viewing the frequently asked questions.

Performance Reports

Annually, City departments report on how well their department is performing using key indicators within their department performance reports.  This information, which is used to track and evaluate performance, is jointly developed by individual departments and the Office of Performance and Accountability (OPA).  View department performance reports.

Vision Zero:  No Deaths or Serious Injuries in Crashes

Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary, multi-national traffic safety plan that aims to achieve a transportation system with no deaths and serious injuries.  To help inform the plan, OPA analyzed historical crash data and provided actionable findings.  For more information view the analysisdashboard, or go to the Vision Zero homepage.

Data-Informed Fire Stations

The City’s fire station optimal location study, with support from Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and OPA, analyzed the location of current and potential fire stations. The study made no recommendation on the best option; but did find that the addition of proposed station 211 may not be needed if several existing stations were moved westward when they were renovated/replaced; thus, potentially saving the City significant capital and operating funds.  The full findings were presented recently to the City Council. Read the report and watch the City Council presentation.

Resident Survey

As part of the City of Alexandria's data-driven effort, the City conducts a survey of our residents.  This helps the City Government know more about resident's expectations for the City Government as well as how well we are performing for our community.  For more information visit the resident survey  webpage.