PARKnerships with RPCA

The PARKnership Program oversees partnerships, sponsors, volunteers, and donations for the development, design, construction and operation of recreational and park facilities and/or programs with the intent to support the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities’ goal for a healthy and thriving City of Alexandria.

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Alexandrians have a strong sense of civic pride and desire to connect with their neighbors. This is most evident when individuals and groups work together to enhance the facilities and programs they enjoy. Whether it's through the dedication of time or monetary resources, when residents collaborate with the City they ultimately create a higher level of service and strengthen their connection to the community as a whole.

PARKnerships coordinates these efforts under a single umbrella aiming to cultivate sustainable support, volunteers, and partnerships in alignment of the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities' goal for a healthy and thriving City of Alexandria.


Many city programs and events need volunteer support to provide services to residents.  Volunteers are valued members of the community who provide and produce tremendous value to the City. Some of the many opportunities include sports program coaches, event set-up, naturalists, park clean ups, and invasive species removal.

Visit to sign up or seek opportunities.


The Adopt-a-Park program is a cooperative venture between the State of Virginia, the City

of Alexandria, and community groups to improve the appearance and condition of Alexandria's small urban parks and open spaces. Community groups monitor and clean up their park at least once a week from April through November. City officials visit these parks once a month and award points based on the park's condition. At the season's end, cash awards are made to participating groups based on the points earned. The organizations frequently use the award funds for park improvements such as benches, additional play equipment, drinking fountains, and landscaping. The project is funded annually by the State of Virginia Litter Prevention and Recycling Grant and the City of Alexandria. 

How do I get my group involved? 

Submit an Adopt-A-Park Volunteer Application to the Department of Recreation, Parks, and Cultural Activities for review and a Department representative will contact you. 


The adopt-a-garden program is a cooperative venture between the City of Alexandria and community groups. Through an agreement with the City, an individual, community, or group commits to maintaining an existing garden located on public property for a minimum of two years. A sign bearing the adopting group or individual's name will be placed in the garden. This does not apply to the community garden plot program. Click here to apply.

The organization will be responsible for:

  • Designing a maintenance plan for a garden to be approved by the City Horticulturist
  • Installing plantings according to the approved design 
  • Keeping the garden weed-free
  • Cutting back & mulching the garden in appropriate seasons
  • Removing litter and debris
  • Watering the garden as needed
  • Reporting dead, damaged, and diseased plants to the City Horticulturist
  • Providing a monthly progress form to the City Horticulturist


As an individual, group or business, provide a one-time or on-going donation of money or time/labor and other applicable resources to the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities. This may include sponsorship with a quid pro quo agreement such as a logo on a park sign or recreation program materials.  

Living Landscape Fund

Submit a monetary or in-kind donation to support your favorite Neighborhood Park, recreation center, program, and or field.  You can specify where you would like your donation to go and watch the donation enhance the area of your choice.   Donate a gift as an individual or organization and support your City.  Click here to make a donation now! 


A partnership is a cooperative venture between two or more parties with a common goal such as partners for park and recreation facilities or program improvement.  The partnership organization should be well representative of the surrounding communities who use the park or program. While developing a partnership, the organization should work closely with park management to understand the specific needs of the park or program and how they can best assist in meeting those needs. Once a groups submits a proposal, staff will work with them to draft a Community Group Agreement. The agreement will stipulate the administrative framework including both the group and city responsibilities, expectations, project costs, and site boundaries. Click here to get started on a partnership application. For additional information, contact Lucresha Murphy, PARKnership Manager, at or 703.746-5489.

RPCA thanks the following partners who make a big difference in our park and recreation facilities and programs:


Adopt a Bench The Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities offers the community a personal opportunity to honor a friend or loved one by adopting a bench at one of our parks. When you adopt, City Staff will install a personalized plaque on either an existing or a new park bench.

The plaques take about 8 weeks for production and installation, You can write the plaque inscription yourself or let the recipient write their own.

Full payment must be received before you can reserve a bench.

Multiple donors may contribute through honorary or memorial funds.

Bench adoptions are fully tax-deductible, and payment can be made by check, or credit card. 


  • Add plaque to existing bench: $800
  • Install new black steel bench without a plaque: $1,400*
  • Install new black steel bench with a plaque: $1,600*
  • Install new wood bench without a plaque: $1,875*
  • Install new wood bench with a plaque: $2,175*

All new benches require on-site placement consultation with park staff. 

*Price for a new bench may vary based on site conditions.

To adopt a bench, please first consult with Lucresha Murphy to identify a location. We are happy to provide maps of any of your preferred locations and/or meet with you on site.

Parklet Program

Parklets convert one to two on-street parking spaces into attractive public spaces, extending the sidewalk to allow for public amenities like seating, landscaping, bike parking, andParklet program - example photo with tables and chairs art. Parklets can provide public space for enjoying the city, especially where narrow sidewalks and dense commercial areas prohibit or limit such activity. Parklets provide an alternative use of curb space to provide amenities and benefits to residents, visitors, and businesses. To learn how to create a parklet visit:

The Community Matching Fund

The Community Matching Fund leverages collaborative community partnership opportunities with the City that expand and improve the quality of recreation, park, and cultural experiences. The Fund provides matching 1:1 dollars (up to $25,000 of City funds) for groups that propose fundraising for park and recreation facility improvement projects. The Fund fosters public/private partnerships and cultivates innovative ways for residents to have a greater stake in improving the park and recreation facilities that they use. More information...

Fiscal Year 2020 Awardees:   

  1. Four Mile Run Park Kayak Launch

    Applicant: Four Mile Run Park Conservatory Foundation
    Project Description: This project will hire an engineering firm to design a kayak launch at the end of Commonwealth Avenue in Four Mile Run Park. The design will provide cost estimates to plan for future construction. The FMR Park Conservatory Foundation will seek funding opportunities for construction following design completion. Consistent with the Four Mile Run Restoration Master Plan, near stream amenities recommendations.
    Total Project Cost: $32,000
    Proposed City Contribution:

  2. Woodbine Tot Lot Renovation
    Applicant: Make a Wish Foundation
    Project Description: This project will renovate Woodbine Tot Lot, per the “wish” of a child in the neighborhood. Make a wish will hire a designer to work with the community and a contractor to renovate the playground, with Park planning oversight. The playground design will take into consideration the draft Pock Park plan.
    Total Project Cost: $80,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $25,000
  3. Holmes Run Park Community Garden Improvements
    Applicant: Holmes Run Community Gardeners
    Project Description: Add mulch and compost bins, fencing, landscaping, and storage to the Holmes Run Community Garden.
    Total Project Cost: $15,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $7,500
  4. Parkour Park in Ewald Park
    Applicant: Jonas Neihardt
    Project Description: Build a Parkour Space in Ewald Park, as approved in the Ewald Park Plan Amendment in November 2018
    Total Project Cost: $80,000
    Proposed City Contribution: $25,000

    Other Ways to Get Involved

    Open Space Fund

    Make a donation to our open space fund to help acquire and sustain open space. More Information... 

    RPCA Commissions

    The Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities commissions and committees compose a formal system through which citizens can advise City Council on issues affecting the City. All meetings open to the public. Position vacancies are advertised in the local newspapers and through civic associations. Applicants for commission and committee vacancies may obtain application forms and additional information by calling 703.746.4800 or by visiting the Office of Communications and Public Information.

    Recreation Center Advisory Councils 

    • Charles Barrett Recreation Center
      3rd Tuesday at 6:30 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5551 for information.
    • Charles Houston Recreation Center
      3rd Wednesday at 7 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5552 for information.
    • Cora Kelly Recreation Center
      3rd Wednesday at 7 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5554 for information.
    • Mount Vernon Recreation Center
      3rd Wednesday at 7 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5556 for information.
    • Nannie J. Lee Memorial Center
      2nd Monday at 7 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5550 for information.
    • Patrick Henry Recreation Center
      2nd Tuesday at 7 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5557 for information.
    • William Ramsay Recreation Center
      3rd Wednesday at 6:30 p.m.         
      Call 703.746.5558 for information.

    Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Please call the recreation center in your neighborhood or visit for additional information.