Revenue Administration Division

The Revenue Administration Division assesses and enforces personal property, meal sales, transient lodging and other taxes; issues business and professional licenses, provides state income tax information, and prepares state income tax returns for City residents. This Division also administers the City's real estate tax relief programs.

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Beginning with Tax Year 2019, City Council has abolished vehicle windshield decals. Decals were not included with 2019 tax bills as there is no longer any need to display them. The Police Department no longer issues tickets for failure to display a City decal. Residential parking bumper stickers are still required in applicable parking districts.

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Revenue Divisions

Personal Property and Car Tax:  Responsible for assessing all vehicles parked, stored or garaged in the City; processing appeals of personal property assessments; maintaining personal property tax records; and certifying qualified vehicles for Personal Property Tax Relief.

Business Taxes:  Responsible for issuing Business and Professional and Occupational Licenses (BPOL), assessing Business Personal Property Taxes, and assessing all trustee taxes (Meals Tax, Transient Lodging, and Admissions Tax). This section is also responsible for business tax compliance.

Discovery and Collections:  Responsible the collection of all delinquent taxes, to including coordination with the City’s private collection agent, Nationwide Credit Corporation (NCC). This section is also responsible for the discovery and assessment of all vehicles that may be evading the City’s personal property tax law. To report the license plate of potential tax evaders for staff research, please submit the vehicle and license plate information via Call.Click.Connect. This section also handles the Tax Relief Program for the Elderly and Disabled, and Disabled Veteran exemptions.

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Business Tax  703.746.3903
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Discovery and Collections  703.746.3909
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Tax Relief and State Income Taxes  703.746.3909
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