The Finance Department collects and manages all City funds, assesses and collects revenues and taxes, issues business licenses, provides assistance to residents in filing state income tax returns, maintains the City's tax relief programs, and manages City retirement plans.

Page updated on Jul 16, 2020 at 10:23 AM

Business Personal Property Tax Updates

  • City Council’s BPP filing moratorium ended July 1. All businesses must file their 2020 BPP return by July 1 to be on-time. 
  • The moratorium also ended July 1 for Meals Tax and Transient Lodging Tax. Businesses who deferred payment must file and pay or contact the Revenue Division to arrange a payment plan.
  • Late 2020 BPOL filings must also be made by July 1.

Tax Relief and Payment Changes due to COVID-19

At an emergency meeting held on March 24 by telephone in accordance with state law, the Alexandria City Council unanimously adopted an emergency ordinance to enact a temporary moratorium on certain taxes and filing requirements as discussed below, in order to help provide businesses with greater short term flexibility to the extent allowed by law during this health crisis A summary of these changes can be found at

Taxes and programs affected include:

  • Meals Tax and Transient Lodging Tax
  • 2020 BPOL Taxes
  • BPOL Quarterly Payments
  • Business Personal Property Tax filing extension
  • Tax Relief for the Elderly and Disabled

Details of these, and other changes the Finance Department is making in response to the current health emergency, can be found at

Interest Waiver for Certain Types of Taxes - Virginia Department of Taxation 

The Virginia Department of Taxation has issued Tax Bulletin 20-5 which addresses an interest waiver for certain types of taxes in response to the COVID-19 crisis. Read the full bulletin here:

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Finance Divisions

Administration Division

The Administration Division is responsible for the overall management of the Finance Department and provides administrative and information technology support to other divisions.

Revenue Administration Division

The Revenue Administration Division assesses and enforces personal property, meal sales, transient lodging and other taxes; issues business and professional licenses, assists the community with state income tax questions and preparation. This Division also administers the City's real estate tax relief programs for the elderly and disabled.

  • Personal Property Tax - 703.746.4800                                                                                                                                          
    Email -
  • Business Tax - 703.746.4800                                                                                                                 
    Email -
  • Discovery and Collections - 703.746.4800                                                                                                                 
    Discovery Email -
    Collections Email -
  • Tax Relief - 703.746.4800             
    Email -

Treasury Division

The Treasury Division is responsible for the investment, disbursement, and collection of all City monies and sells such items as residential parking permits and bus passes.

  • Payments - 703.746.4800                                                                                                                 
    Email -

Accounting Division

The Accounting Division maintains records on the financial operations of the City, prepares the City's monthly and annual financial reports, prepares checks to fulfill City obligations to vendors, maintains the City's employee payroll, manages miscellaneous billing, and monitors expenditures and revenues to determine budgetary compliance.

Purchasing Division

The Purchasing Division is responsible for centralized City procurement, including the processing of purchase orders and vendor list control. All City purchases exceeding $5,000 are made by the Purchasing Division through both formal and informal competitive bidding procedures.

Pension Administration Division

The Pension Administration Division manages pension plans for City employees and uniformed service employees.


Each year, the Office of Real Estate Assessments appraises each parcel of real estate in the City to assess its estimated fair market value. These values are used by the Department of Finance to bill for and collect the real estate tax, which accounts for about 60 percent of the City's annual revenue.


Risk Management is responsible for City's workers' compensation claims management, safety management, insurance management, and liability claims management for the City.