North Potomac Yard SAP Update 2016-2017

On June 13, 2017, City Council approved the Planning Commission recommendation to adopt the North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan Update (SAP), amending the Plan approved in 2010. The adoption came after a 12-month community engagement process facilitated by the Ad Hoc North Potomac Yard Advisory Group. The 2017 SAP provides a path for the redevelopment and associated community amenities envisioned for North Potomac Yard.

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North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan 2017 Update

The 2010 North Potomac Yard Small Area Plan established the vision and guiding principles for the redevelopment of the approximately 70-acre site as a sustainable, mixed-use, walkable community oriented around the construction of the Potomac Yard Metrorail station, and established the framework to determine funding sources for the Metrorail Station and potential phasing options for redevelopment of the Plan area.

In 2015, the North Potomac Yard developer representative, JBG Companies, indicated a desire to begin the process for Phase I redevelopment of North Potomac Yard, which would necessitate amendments to the 2010 Plan. The proposal was in response to the feasibility and availability of land on the site as leases for existing tenants will begin to expire over the next decade, and will allow for more informed phasing projections than available in 2010.

The 2017 North Potomac Yard Plan Update builds on the vision of the 2010 Plan and provides guidance for creating a complete sustainable community that integrates environmental sustainability, transit, land uses, design, and open spaces. The Plan anticipates 7.5 million sq. ft. of mixed-use development as originally approved. The Phase I proposal for the area east of Potomac Avenue where Regal Cinema is located anticipates approximately 1.3 million square feet of mixed-use development to include office, hotel, residential, and concentrated areas of retail within a 1/4 mile of the new Metrorail station. The 2017 Plan Update also provides greater integration of the new station within the site with a new civic plaza. The Plan Update increases public parks and open space by an additional 1.5 acres, totaling approximately 9 acres, and completes a vital link in the local and regional open space networks. Additionally, the updated Plan recommends a shared street adjacent to Potomac Yard Park; prioritizes pedestrians, bicyclists, transit, and vehicles, in that order; and establishes flexibility for integrating emerging and future technologies. 

Planning Process and Background Materials

Visit this page to learn about the planning process for the 2017 North Potomac Yard SAP.



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