Development Division

The Development Division works to retain and enhance Alexandria's quality of life by ensuring that development proposals are consistent with the City's Master Plan and Zoning Ordinance; consist of the highest quality building design, urban design and site planning; and provide an overall public benefit. To meet these challenges the Division employs a rigorous and responsive development review process, ensuring that the community is kept informed and encouraged to participate.

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Community Engagement

Active and Recent Development Projects and Future Development Areas


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    Department of Planning and Zoning
    Development Division
    301 King Street, Suite 2100
    Alexandria, Virginia 22314       (map)
    Phone: 703.746.4666
    Office hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

    All Development Staff can be reached at the above phone number:

    • Jared Alves, Urban Planner
    • Sara Brandt-Vorel, Urban Planner
    • Maya Contreras, Principal Planner
    • Bill Cook, Urban Planner
    • Anna Franco, Urban Planner
    • Dirk Geratz, Principal Planner
    • Abigail Harwell, Urban Planner
    • Nathan Imm, Principal Planner 
    • Rob Kerns, Division Chief 
    • Carson Lucarelli, Urban Planner
    • Catherine Miliaras, Principal Planner
    • Nathan Randall, Urban Planner  
    • Michael Swidrak, Urban Planner
    • Daniel Welles, Urban Planner