Motorcoach Information

The City of Alexandria welcomes all visitors and tourists who visit the City by motorcoach or by tour bus. However, to preserve and maintain the beauty, ambiance and tranquility of Alexandria’s historic and residential areas, the City is working to manage motorcoaches and tour buses and balance their operational needs with measures to limit intrusive effects on the City's neighborhoods, environment, and quality of life.

Page updated on Apr 27, 2017 at 11:33 AM

tourbusAlexandria welcomes motorcoaches, tour buses and school bus trips! Buses are allowed on most streets in the City except cobblestone streets or those posted with “no truck traffic” signs.

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If you need more information about motorcoach, tour and school bus travel in Alexandria, please call the Alexandria Visitors Center at 703.746.3301 between 10 a.m. and 8 p.m.

A 24-hour information hotline is available at 703.746.4020.  

To report motorcoach parking or traffic violations, call the Police Non-Emergency line at 703.838.4444. 

Please look out for our City's Ambassador! Our ambassadors help manage motorcoaches. These individuals can be found around Old Town and the Waterfront in yellow t-shirts. Beyond providing general tourism information, the City's ambassadors help operators locate the correct places to load/unload. They also help redirect motorcoaches in the event that a coach is not loading/unloading or parking in a designated location. This year's ambassador program is being managed by the City's tourism partner, Visit Alexandria. 

Loading & Unloading

Tour buses should load and unload at designated locations only. Permits are not required to load or unload.

There are six primary loading and unloading areas in Old Town Alexandria:

Short-Term Parking

Motorcoach parking in Alexandria is allowed at designated locations only. Some spaces in historic Old Town Alexandria require a free parking permit which must be obtained in advance; paid short-term parking is also available. Additional free, unreserved parking locations are available within three miles of Old Town. Idling while parked is not allowed.

Short-Term 4 hour parking with a free permit is available at the following locations:

Short-term 10 hour parking before 11:00 pm for a flat-fee of $15 is available at the following location:

7 Unreserved, free (first-come, first-served) parking spaces are available within 2 miles of historic Old Town on the 400 block of Swann Avenue.

Long-Term/Overnight Parking

All motorcoaches staying for a period of 24 hours or more are required to park at the George Washington Masonic Memorial (101 Callahan Drive). Overnight parking at the Masonic Memorial requires a $40 permit and must be obtained in advance on-line or from the Alexandria Visitors Center at (703) 746-3301.

Short-term (5 to 10 hour) parking is available at the Masonic Memorial for a  flat fee of $15 and must be obtained in advance on-line or from the Alexandria Visitors Center at (703) 746-3301.

Traffic Rules and Regulations

The City of Alexandria actively enforces idling, double-parking, and loading and unloading in undesignated locations. These violations are subject to fines in varying amounts based on the violation.