Parking Pay-by-Phone

Page updated on Dec 11, 2018 at 12:35 PM

The City of Alexandria uses the ParkMobile app for customers to pay by phone for metered parking. The same system is used in the District of Columbia, Arlington County, Montgomery County, and Prince George’s County. After downloading the free app and creating an account one time, customers can quickly use the app each time they park by choosing the zone number printed on parking signs and pay stations. The app will also show the zone numbers on a map, and will suggest the closest zones for easy selection.

Customers can choose the amount of time to purchase, up to the posted time limit for the parking location. If a customer removes the vehicle before the selected amount of time expired, the parking session may be stopped early and only the time used will be charged. 

Payment for parking may also be made by coin or credit card at pay stations or meters, or by calling a toll-free number. 

How to Park with ParkMobile

Ready to park with the ParkMobile app once it's live in Alexandria?  Just follow these simple steps to get started.

Step 1: Download the App 

parkmobileiphone parkmobileandroid

Step 2: Create an account and enter payment and vehicle details

  • Up to 5 vehicles can be added to an account.
  • Customers can choose to set up ParkMobile Wallet for lower convenience fees.

Step 3: Look for the ParkMobile signage at the meter and enter the zone number in the app

  • Several signs will be posted on each block with zone information.  Look for zone information on sign posts and on the meter.
  • In Alexandria, zones are 5 digit and all start with "44".

Step 4: Choose how long to park and select "Start Parking"

  • You can quickly choose maximum parking for the location or tailor the parking time to your specific needs.

Note: Standard meter rates apply and there is a 45 cent convenience fee for each parking session.

Useful ParkMobile Features

Check out these ParkMobile features to help make parking easier:

  • When entering a zone, you can choose from nearby zones or zones recently used to save time.  Or if you frequently park in the same block, create a favorite zone to speed up the process.
  • If you finish parking sooner than you think, stop your parking session to only pay for the time you parked.
  • Customize notifications about how much time is left in your parking session to get as many or as few notifications as you need.
  • Use the ParkMobile app at available off-street garages as identified in the app.