Pay by Phone

Page updated on Nov 17, 2016 at 5:53 PM
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The City has partnered with Pango to give parkers another convenient payment option for metered parking.  The Pango smartphone app can be used to pay for parking at any metered spaces in Alexandria.  Pango allows users to start and stop their parking sessions, meaning parkers only pay for the time they are actually parked. 

How to Use Pango

  1. Install the Pango app by clicking or tapping the link for Android or Apple, or create a Pango account by calling 1-877-myPango (1-877-697-2646).
  2. After parking on a metered block, look for the 5-digit Zone number on the Blue “P” signs or on a pay station. 
  3. Use the app to tap “Pay” and then select the Zone and tap “Start,” or call 1-877-myPango (1-877-697-2646) and follow the prompts to enter the Zone. 
  4. When you return to your vehicle, tap “Stop” in the app or call back to end your parking session.  

Note: Standard meter rates still apply and there is a $0.29 convenience fee for each parking session.