Parking Tickets

Police officers and parking enforcement officers in the Police Department regularly patrol to enforce regulations concerning the operation of vehicles as well as stopping, standing and parking on public streets. The Treasury Division of the Finance Department is responsible for processing the payment of any citation issued by the Police Department and for enforcing the collection of unpaid fines and penalties related to those citations.

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How to Contest a Parking Ticket

The City offers two ways to contest a parking citation: 

  1. Parking Adjudication Office
    On occasion, the vehicle owner, or another authorized person, may believe a citation was issued as the result of an error by the City. The Office of Parking Adjudication conducts administrative reviews to determine whether the parking citation was validly issued under applicable rules and ordinances. If you feel a citation was issued due to an administrative error, the registered vehicle owner or another authorized person may request an administrative review by the City’s Parking Adjudication Office within 10 calendar days of the issue date by using the City's Online Citation Adjudication system. To submit your contest to the Parking Adjudication Office, please click the link above.
  2. Appeals to General District Court
    Vehicle owners may also choose to submit a formal appeal to the General District Court. Hearings must be scheduled in advance and cannot be scheduled by physically appearing at General District Court. To schedule a hearing for District Court, the vehicle owner must complete a General District Court form (one for each citation contested). The form must be mailed to City of Alexandria, P.O. Box 1423, Alexandria, VA 22314-1423 along with copies of the parking citation and the registered owner’s driver's license. By contesting a citation in General District Court, you may incur court costs. To submit your contests to the General District Court, please click the link above.

For additional information and to request an administrative review, please visit the Contesting a Parking Citation section of our website.

Additional Information about Parking Citations

Vehicle owners wishing to request information about a specific parking citation may do so online or view all open tickets for a specific vehicle by entering the vehicle's license plate number and state.

The City cannot accept online payments for enforcement of the Northern Virginia Local Motor Vehicle License Compact (City Code 10-4-37.1) or for parking tickets issued to booted or impounded vehicles (City Code 3-2-336, 10-4-37, or 10-4-37.1). Boot violations must be resolved before the parking ticket may be paid. The vehicle owner or designee may pay in person at City Hall or mail the payment by check or money order. Checks or money orders should include the ticket numbers in the memo field. Returned checks are subject to a $35 fee in accordance with state law.

For assistance with payments, please contact the City's Treasury Division by email or by telephone at 703.746.4800.