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The Beautification Commission represents citizens' values in City beautification matters and coordinates projects to encourage and achieve beautification. The Commission sponsors the Alexandria Beautification Commission Awards each year.

What is Beautification?

Improvements to a community encompassing landscaping, architecture, and sustainable environmental practices creating a healthier community and higher quality of life.


The Alexandria Beautification Commission promotes beautification of the City through advocacy, education and the celebration of community beautification efforts.

Meeting Information & Schedule

The Commission meets on the second Thursday of each month, at 7:30 pm., Durant Center, 1605 Cameron St.  For additional information, call Oscar Mendoza, Division Chief, at 703.746.4667. For a list of vacancies, to submit an application or for additional information, visit  Boards & Commissions

Commission Roster (3-31-2021)


  • Makes recommendations to City Council and City Departments concerning landscape aesthetic improvements to the City's right-of-ways and City Properties
  • Coordinates with City staff and community groups to organize clean-ups and invasive plant removal from public spaces
  • Coordinates with City staff to transform vacant lots in the City into usable community spaces
  • Sponsors a series of programs to education residents of Alexandria on matters of beautification
  • Sponsors the Alexandria Beautification Awards to recognize residences, businesses, institutions, and public properties that beautify their surroundings through landscaping, architecture, maintenance, and litter clean-up
  • Supports activities and policies to increase the City's Tree Canopy

Alexandria Beautification Awards    

The Commission sponsors the annual Alexandria Beautification Awards each fall.  These awards recognize residents, businesses, and community efforts to contribute to the2021 Beautification beautification of their neighborhoods and public vistas.  Each year the Commission canvases the City in search of properties that have improved their surroundings through landscape, architecture, maintenance, and other efforts.  The Commission also actively solicits award nominations from the public. The Commission is pleased to announce the 2021 Beautification Award Winners!

Awards are given in six categories:

  1. Excellence in Architecture
  2. Excellence in Sustainable Design
  3. Green Practices in Beautification
  4. Community Beautification
  5. Residential Beautification
  6. Commercial Beautification

For additional information, view the  Beautification Awards Criteria applicable to all nominations.

Beautification Award Winners

Winners were chosen for demonstrating business resilience while providing a wonderful customer experience by creatively embracing their outdoor environment during unprecedented times. Nominations were composed of feedback from the community and Commission members who toured the City looking for candidates who represent the best of making the City of Alexandria more beautiful by bringing the indoors to the outdoors. Awards are presented by the Mayor and City Council. To view previous Beautification Award Winners click on the following:

2020 meeting schedule:

Unless otherwise identified, all Beautification Commission and subcommittee meetings are held at the Durant Center, 1609 Cameron St. Minutes are approved at the next held meeting meeting a quorum.

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Contact Us

If you would like to contact us about beautification issues and opportunities, please send your correspondence to:
The Alexandria Beautification Commission
2900-A Business Center Drive
Alexandria, VA 22314

 Special Projects

  • Median Beautification & Sustainability
    On Friday, June 15, the Alexandria Beautification Commission saw a year's worth of planning and working with the City of Alexandria come to fruition with the installation of native and sustainable plant material in three medians at the heavily trafficked intersection of King St., Quaker Ln and Braddock Rd. The Commission initiated the pilot median improvement project in 2017 to make the City’s medians both more attractive and more sustainable.  

    The Commission recommended the use of low maintenance, no mow areas in City medians that utilize native and sustainable shrubs and perennial plants. For the past year, the Beautification Commission has been working with the City of Alexandria’s Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Activities to develop a cohesive landscaping plan for the medians which they hope can serve as a model for beautification of medians throughout the City. Together, their efforts have resulted in a beautiful and well-designed sustainable public space at a busy intersection.

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