2019 Alexandria Mobility Plan (AMP)

The AMP, a strategic update to the 2008 Transportation Master Plan, will ensure that transportation in the city continues to serve the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors as the region grows and new technology adds to the ways we get around. The AMP process will gather public input on tradeoffs and establish clear priorities for improving mobility.

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The Future of Mobility in Alexandria

Since the Transportation Master Plan was adopted in 2008, technology has transformed how we use our streets and curbs. Smart phones had not yet saturated the market. TNC’s like Uber and Lyft had not yet provided a means to connect drivers with travelers. The first bikeshare had only begun in DC with 10 stations and dockless bikes, e-bikes, or scooters still in the distant future. The future of mobility remains even more uncertain with autonomous vehicles on the horizon and technology that helps improve planning and management of our transportation network. 

It is in this context that Alexandria has begun the process of updating the 2008 Transportation Master Plan. The updated plan will be called the Alexandria Mobility Plan (AMP) to emphasize the importance of moving people and goods throughout the City. Going forward, the City will update the AMP every five to eight years.

This update to the Master Plan will ensure that transportation planning in the City continues to serve the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors throughout the City as the region grows and as new technology changes the way we think about transportation and mobility. 

AMP Process

What's New - April 2020

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Get Involved 

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          Strategy Development – Focus Group Materials

               Overview Presentation - Focus Group

               Draft Vision and Guiding Principles

               Parking and Curbside Management - Example Strategies

               Public Transit - Example Strategies

               Mobility Options - Example Strategies

               Streets - Example Strategies

          Innovation Forum Materials 

               Welcome Board

               Project Overview

               Technology and Transportation

               Demographic Trends

               Innovation Forum Presentation Slides

         Additional  Materials 

               Fall 2019 Pyramid Activity Findings

               August Vision Feedback Form Results

               Pop-up Summary

Alexandria Mobility Plan Advisory Committee  

Meeting information and materials for the Alexandria Mobility Plan Advisory Committee, can be found on the Committee's webpage.