Complete Streets

Complete Streets are streets for everyone. They are a vital part of livable, attractive communities and are designed and operated to enable safe access for all users, including pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists and transit riders of all ages and abilities. Complete Streets make it easy to cross the street, walk to shops, bicycle to work and access buses or train stations.

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There is no singular design prescription for Complete Streets; each one is unique and responds to its community context. A complete street may include: sidewalks, bike lanes, special bus lanes, comfortable and accessible public transportation stops, frequent and safe crossing opportunities, median islands, accessible pedestrian signals, curb extensions, narrower travel lanes, roundabouts, and more.

Complete Streets improves the efficiency and capacity of existing roads by moving people in the same amount of space and getting more productivity out of the existing road and public transportation systems, which is vital to reducing congestion.

Complete Streets are relatively low cost, fast to implement, and high impact. By adopting a Complete Streets Policy in 2011, the City of Alexandria directed transportation planners, engineers and developers to routinely design and operate the entire right of way to enable safe access for all users, regardless of age, ability, or mode of transportation. The policy was reenacted in 2014, recognizing that the users of our transportation system include pedestrians, bicyclists, riders and drivers of public transportation, in addition to motor vehicle drivers.

What's New

Progress on established plans and policies is being made on streets across Alexandria. See progress reports below:

Plan  Year Adopted Report Frequency Links
Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan
 2016 Biennial


Vision Zero
 2017Annual 2018


Complete Streets Guidelines 313x313 imageComplete Streets Design Guidelines 

The City has completed the Alexandria Complete Streets Design Guidelines, which were developed  in conjunction with the update of the Bicycle and Pedestrian chapters of the Transportation Master Plan.  

Repaving Projects

When streets are resurfaced, this provides an opportunity to upgrade elements of the street to better accommodate people of all ages and abilities. Visit this page to learn more about the City's repaving program and provide feedback on streets that are being repaved.

Safe Routes to School Program 

Safe Routes to School (SRTS) is a program to improve the well-being of children by improving walking and bicycling conditions on the route to school and enabling and encouraging children to walk and bike these routes.

Complete Streets Projects

Completed Projects

Trails, Sidewalks & Pedestrian Safety


To reach the City's Complete Streets Program Manager with a request, suggestion or inquiry regarding the biking, walking or any other Complete Streets concern, please submit a request via online.