Traffic & Parking Board

The Traffic and Parking Board investigates, studies, and analyzes traffic and parking problems within the City. In addition to devising plans, methods and means to control and relieve parking and traffic congestion; and has jurisdiction over taxicabs and their owners/operators. The Board meets the fourth Monday of each month at 7:30 p.m., in Council Chambers.

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These meetings are being held electronically, unless a determination is made that it is safe enough for the meetings to be held in person in the City Council Chamber at 301 King Street, Alexandria, VA. Electronic access will be provided in either event. The meetings can be accessed by the public through: Zoom hyperlink in the Docket Report below


  • William Schuyler, Chairman
  • James Lewis, Vice Chairman
  • Casey Kane
  • Ann Tucker
  • Jason Osborne
  • Annie Ebbers
  • Lavonda Bonnard

Meeting Schedule & Materials

See the 2021 Traffic and Parking Board Calendar of scheduled meeting dates.  

Speaker Form: If you plan on speaking during the meeting, you must register prior to the meeting with Zoom. 


Archived Meeting Materials

More Information

City Staff Contact

Alex Block, Principal Planner, Department of Transportation and Environmental Services - 703-743-4142