T&ES Transportation Branch

Page updated on Oct 4, 2021 at 4:21 PM

Transportation Branch Mission

Working together to foster a thriving Alexandria by improving mobility, safety & quality of life through:

  • Sound engineering, design and technology implementation;
  • Multimodal plans, policies, and programs for today and tomorrow; and
  • Managing transportation resources for the provision of sustainable and equitable transportation choices.

Transportation Branch Org Chart and Programs.

Transportation Funding  

Learn more about how Transportation Projects are funded. 

Transportation Planning 

The Division specializes in strategies and policies to improve transportation options, transit, and safe bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and programs. It ensures new developments support existing City priorities and minimizing negative impacts, Citywide programs improve the quality of life for residents and visitors and support of economic development.

Mobility Services

The Mobility Services division manages parking and other curbside activities, including bikeshare and scooters, and ensures that transportation options are available and accessible to all Alexandrians through its management of paratransit, disability parking, the City's transportation demand management program (GO Alex) and other programs and services.

Traffic Engineering 

The Traffic Engineering Division manages traffic studies, transportation technology and provides and maintains a comprehensive Citywide traffic signal system that includes the traffic computer system linking many of the City's signaled intersections.

Major Initiatives

Smart mobility 

Alexandria is committed to investment in transportation technologies that improve road safety and traffic management while also preparing the City to take advantage of future transportation infrastructure advancements, such as self-driving cars and real-time traffic management. 

Duke Street Transitway

The Duke Street Transitway is one of the three high capacity transit corridors identified in the City's Transportation Master Plan. This project will kick off community engagement in fall 2020 to being the visioning plan for Duke Street and transit along this route. 

king street Place

King Street Place is the pedestrianization of the 100 block of King Street during weekends from April until October. City Council has requested that staff include a pilot program for the pedestrianization of the 100 block of King Street in their FY 2020 work plan. This project was originally discussed with the community through an extensive community engagement process in 2015 during the Lower King Street Multi-modal Feasibility Study.

Dockless/Shared Mobility

The City of Alexandria has launched a pilot program to allow private companies to operate shared mobility devices (such as dockless bicycles and scooters available for rent) in the City under a nine month demonstration program. With multiple neighboring jurisdictions experimenting with these devices and some appearing, without permits, on the streets of Alexandria, the time is right for the City to evaluate if and how they might operate here.

Alexandria MobilitY Plan (AMP)

The AMP, a strategic update to the 2008 Transportation Master Plan, will ensure that transportation in the city continues to serve the needs of residents, businesses, and visitors as the region grows and new technology adds to the ways we get around. The AMP process will gather public input on tradeoffs and establish clear priorities for improving mobility.

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a multidisciplinary, multi-national traffic safety concept that aims to achieve a transportation system with no deaths and serious injuries. As a Vision Zero community, Alexandria recognizes that these incidents are preventable through proper engineering, enforcement, evaluation and education.

Parking and Curbside Management

Parking is an essential component of the City's transportation system and requires careful management of both on-street and off-street spaces. The City is committed to  working with businesses, residents and visitors alike to appropriately manage parking needs.