Archives & Records Center

The Archives & Records Center provides records management, off-site storage, and reference services to City of Alexandria agencies.

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Mission of the Archives & Records Center

The mission of the Archives & Records Center is to identify, preserve, and make available to the public records of the City of Alexandria government that have been appraised and selected for historic value. 

Regulations Applying to City of Alexandria Public Records

The Archives & Records Center follows all applicable state and local regulations governing the management of City records. Records that are available to the public for research are those not subject to restrictions under the VA Public Records Act (Sec. 42.1-76 et seq.), VA Freedom of Information Act (Sec. 2.1-340 et seq.), and City Administrative Regulations. Members of the public who seek access to confidential documents must  submit a FOIA request to the City Attorney’s Office in Room 1300, City Hall, 301 King Street (703-746-3750) or by submitting a request to .

What Records are Available for Research?

The collection begins with the late 19th century and continues to the present. A partial listing of the collection includes:

  • City Council Minutes - 1922 through 1985
  • Annual Financial Statements - 1876 to the present (some gaps)
  • Papers of Former Mayors - 1950s to the present
  • Stocks and Bonds - circa 1850s through 1900
  • Approved Annual Budgets - 1930 to the present
  • Annual Reports - 1955 to the present (some gaps)
  • Planning Commission Minutes - 1939 through 1998
  • Board of Architectural Review Minutes
  • Board of Zoning Appeals Minutes
  • New Construction Permits - 1930 through 1960
  • Building Alteration Permits - 1930 through 1950
  • Demolition Permits
  • Sign Permits
  • Architectural Plans
  • Papers of the Bicentennial Commission
  • City Directories - 1950 through 1979 (some gaps)
  • Scrapbooks
  • City Contracts - 1945 to the present
  • Auditor’s Reports - 1876 through 1923 (some gaps)
  • Site Plans – 1962 through 2000

Gifts and Donations

The Archives and Records Center sometimes accepts gifts or donations of records, but only those created by the City of Alexandria government agencies. Acceptance of any such records is at the discretion of the Records Administrator and Archivist.

Other sites with collections relating to Alexandria

*Sites not exclusively devoted to Virginia and/or Alexandria history

Public Records Advisory Commission

The Public Records Advisory Commission is a seven-member body made up of citizens of the City of Alexandria. It provides guidance to the Records Administrator & Archivist on matters pertaining to archives and records management as well as the implementation of the City’s records management program.


The Archives & Records Center accepts volunteers who are interested in assisting the staff with the preservation, processing, and production of finding aids for archival collections. Please contact the Records Administrator by telephone or  email, or submit a volunteer application.


Internships are available on a limited basis to graduate students who are currently studying or have completed course work in Archives and/or Records Management. Students who need to fulfill requirements for a practicum are also welcome. Please contact the Records Administrator & Archivist for information.


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